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Slots are to gamblers what pizza is to Americans – inseparable! They are one of the most-played casino games worldwide, and one of gamblers’ favorites in both live and online casinos. Put simply; people love to play slots. So it’s only natural that many gamblers  wonder how to play slot machines.

However, the question doesn’t stop at how to play slots. There are more questions like “how to win big playing slot machines?” and “what are the best slot machines?” The thing with slots is that they are different from blackjack or video poker – games that depend on player strategy. Slots are based solely on chance, and there is nothing legal you can do to change the outcome of games. 

Nonetheless, gamblers can still take certain measures to make the best of playing slot games. Here, we cover an extensive guide on how you can play slots and the tips and tricks you need. Sit tight and keep reading to become the next jackpot winner! 

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A Brief History of Slot Machines 

To grasp how to play slot machines, you need to know what they are about and their origin. Slot machines are colorful, mechanical boxes with spinning reels with pictures. . As basic as that sounds, for the most part, that’s what slot machines are all about. 

Slot machines surfaced late 19th century and have grown in popularity since then. The concept is pretty simple. A mechanical box buttons and leavers, with gears and strings to spin the reels. Over time, these mechanical boxes became more glamorous – incorporating flashy lights and eventually touchscreen displays. 

However, the way slot machines work has stayed the same. A punter spins the reels and, with the help of a random number generator, gets a random outcome. A series of symbols ( fruits, dragons, crystals and so on) adorn the reels. When the player presses the spin button or pulls the lever, the symbols land in random orders of three or five. The number of reels a slot machine has depends on the machine. You win real money if you match all the symbols on the reels. 

However, not all perfect matches will land you a jackpot. For instance, a perfect match of five cross symbols might earn you $10. On the other hand, a match between five red crystals might earn you much more. Making perfect matches is the basis of live and online slot games. 

How to Play a Slot Machine

Although having favorable outcomes on slot machines is based on chance, you also have a role to play. And pressing the spin button harder or trying to find a way to hack the machine is not the way. Instead, decisions like which slot machines you use and proper budgeting can go a long way. Here’s how to play a slot machine like a winner.

  • Higher Denomination Slots Have Greater Yield 

This rule applied in the days of three-reel slots and still applies to this day. Slot machines come in various denominations – a penny up to $100. The universal rule is slots that require a higher deposit often have higher payouts.

Although this doesn’t mean higher denomination slots are necessarily better than others, bigger bets also mean bigger risks. It also depends on what you seek from a game of slots. Opting for low-denomination slots is best if you are just looking to pass time and want some thrills. 

  • Play Within Your Budget

Most plays on a slot machine will result in money loss – it is inevitable. But there will be big wins as well. However, the problem comes when you lose more than you can afford. And that’s why a budget is necessary. A budget helps you set limits, but it only works when you stick with it! Don’t chase losses. 

  • Use Bonuses and Promotions 

Apart from the bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer new players, slot machines also offer certain bonuses. As a punter, bonuses and promotions can go a long way in making a slot game worthwhile. Gamblers should pick slot machines with several bonus offers and promotions. This way, you’ll have access to more money and boost your experience while gaming. 

  • Try the Demo Version of the Slot Machines

Trying demo versions of slot machines is limited to online casinos. For live casinos, you have to decide whether to bet on the flashy box with real money or not – there are no in-betweens. 

As a rule of thumb, try a demo version when learning to play a slot machine online. Playing the demo version introduces you to the game’s theme and gameplay and allows you to  get in a lot of practice before playing for real money. 

Beginners should stick with classic machines of three reels. Classic machines like Gonzo Quest are simple and are the best way to enter the world of slots. Although they have fewer paylines than other forms of slot machines, they are the perfect way to ease yourself into the game.  

What Is Slot Machine Etiquette? 

As with most activities involving humans, there is a  certain etiquette involved with playing slot machines. These unwritten rules have developed so players can have the best slot experience without upsetting others. You must note the etiquette if you have decided to learn how to play slots. Here are some pointers: 

  • Don’t lurk. For live casinos, if you’re not playing, don’t sit at the machine. By lurking, you are taking someone else’s place by the machine. If you’re not playing, find somewhere else to sit. 
  • Saving a machine. Saving a machine is common in live casinos. However, it is not exactly smiled upon. Naturally, you might want to take a break from the machine. But you have to make sure you do it within 15 minutes. In most casinos, their policies frown upon saving a machine. Hence, if you are leaving, leave with your belongings and finish your credits. 
  • Stay calm. Undoubtedly, slots is a game that can be thrilling and leave you on edge. Losing is an inevitable part of playing slots. When you lose, never break machines or pass aggression onto other players. Also, ensure you don’t let the losses that come from slots get in the way of having a fun time. 

Bonus and Paylines of Online Slot Machines

For beginners, knowing how to play slot machines involves getting conversant with bonuses and paylines. Software providers like NetEnt and IGT strive to ensure their slot games are fun and lucrative for their players. One way they keep players coming back is by integrating attractive bonuses into their slot machines. These bonuses come in various forms such as: 

  • Pick ’em game: You pick your prize from a selection. 
  • Expanding symbols: Bonus symbols might spread across the spin, allowing you to win them on the next spin. 
  • Free spin: You get several free turns when an online casino awards free spins. 
  • Re-spins: Some online casinos get even more generous in giving more free tries during free spin sessions. 
  • Multipliers: Here, the casino multiplies your wins. It’s a common bonus among casinos. 

Some casino sites  one or more of the bonuses listed above. 

For most slot machines, slots are divided into the base game and bonus features. The base game includes all the main features of a slot game. In the base game, to win, all you have to do is align the same symbols in the reels. The set pattern that constitutes a win is called payline.

Casinos have various paylines. Some casinos have fee paylines of five to ten, while others have between 20 to 30. A win in a slot machine is often when the symbols fall within a payline. Note that various casinos have different paylines, and researching them before you sit for a game of slots is imperative. 

Some of the Best Slot Machines to Play 

As a beginner, it might seem like all slot games are the same and only differ in graphics and gameplay. But nothing could be further from the truth. Trying to find the best slot machines to start with can take time and effort. Picking the right slot machines is more than just a guess or leap of faith. The best slot machines have the right blend of volatility, return to player, limits, and casino bonuses.

First, you need to observe the pay table and stakes to know how to play online slots for money. However, playing good slot machines is the best way to ensure you get good odds in the long run. 

We have compiled a brief list of slot machines that boosts your chances of winning. Take a look!

  • Big Bad Wolf 
  • Mega Joker 
  • Starburst
  • Jungle Boogie 
  • Xcalibur 
  • Wild Orient 

How to Find the RTP of Slot Machines

One of the telltale signs of a great slot machine is its return to player (RTP) rate. Although RTP alone doesn’t make a good slot machine, it does play a role. As a beginner hoping to learn how to play slots at the casino, knowing how to find RTP is a golden skill. Thankfully, it’s not difficult!.

The fastest option is to check online. All you have to do is search “Slot Game + RTP” and boom, you have your answer. Most slot machines have reviews online that you can easily check before playing a slot machine. 

Note: RTP is expressed as a percentage. Most slot machines have an RTP of between 90 to 97%. As a rule of thumb, choose slot games with RTPs of 96% and above. By a long shot, this is one of the best slots strategies you can make since high RTP indicates you have a better chance of winning a spin.  

What Are Progressive Slots?

If you play slots online you’ve probably come across progressive slot games. The hefty real-money prizes make progressive jackpots very alluring, but the glitter might be misleading. Learning how to play slot machines involves recognizing when an offer isn’t as good as it seems, and this often applies to progressive slots – especially if you have a limited budget and care about your winning chances.

Typically, progressive slots feature some of the lowest RTPs available to gamblers. Consequently, you will generally have to bet the maximum to access the top prize. Hence, you are likely to hit your budget ceiling before you ever win. But if you still want to try progressive slots, here are some of the best: 

  • Major Millions Progressive
  • Mega Moolah
  • Fruit Fiesta
  • Cash Splash (five reels)
  • Tunzamunni
  • Treasure Nile

What are Low and High Volatility Slots? 

Apart from RTP, volatility is another factor to consider when picking slot machines with the best odds. Volatility goes by various names and understanding it is a major part of learning how to play slot machines. On some sites, it is called variance while others call it risk level. 

The volatility of a slot machine measures the possible risks involved in playing that machine for real money. So in lay terms, volatility is the risk factor. What’s more, it also helps determine how you can win at slots. 

  1. Low volatility slots: The odds of winning while playing in a low volatility slot is high. It is easier to strike the winning combinations when the reels are spun. However, these easy wins don’t usually add up to much. 
  1. High volatility slots: Compared to low volatility slots, the chances of winning in a high volatility slot machine are smaller. But when you do win, you get a much heftier payout. With the right tips and strategy, this slot form is a gold mine! 

Both low and high-volatility slots are widespread since gamblers play both types. You are free to pick whichever you find most interesting. However, there is something you should note: 

To play high volatility slots, you must be patient and have enough money for a long session. If you can’t meet the requirements for the high volatility slots, you’re probably wasting your time and money. 

How to Find the Volatility of a Slot Machine

Unlike RTP, casino sites aren’t as open about volatility. That said, a surefire way to find the volatility of a slot game that has caught your interest is through the internet. All you have to do is search the slot machine’s name, such as Mega Moolah, plus “volatility” and you should find some help. 

Alternatively, you can figure out the volatility of a slot game with time. If you play a game long enough, you can tell if it is low or high volatility. If wins are super rare but significant, there is a high chance you are playing a high-volatility slot machine. While if the wins are common and the reward is small, it is a low volatility slot machine.  

If you want the thrill of high-volatility games, you can check out the King of Atlantis. On the other hand, Hotline is a great low-volatility slot game.

Eight Tips and Tricks for Playing Slots

Besides the slots’ features, you can also use certain tips and tricks to scale up and know how to play a slot machine properly. Note that these tricks are not illegal or unethical. Rather, these tips are intended to get you ready for the best experience when you try your hands at slots. 

The Outcomes of Slots are Random 

One of the biggest delusions among beginners is that they can influence the outcome of slot machines in one way or the other. It is crucial that you understand the symbols in slots are randomly generated. Even those for bonus games and free spins. In most cases, the casino or machine isn’t tweaked against you. Rather, luck isn’t just on your side. 

Although there are some conspiratorial theories that slot machines aren’t randomized, they are not credible. The only slot machines that aren’t fully random are the progressive slots. And the only thing predetermined there is when the machine releases the jackpot. 

Do You Know the Paylines?

Every slot machine has paylines, and these paylines are unique to them. Essentially, a payline is a set pattern of winning symbols. For instance, a payline can look like apple-pear-apple or cross-nought-cross. 

The more paylines a slot machine has, the higher a player’s chance of winning. Some paylines occur more often and have lower prizes, some come up less often and have bigger payouts. Knowing the paylines of the slot machines you want to play helps ensure you pick the most profitable machines. 

Play on Slot Machines With Higher Odds

Playing slot machines with higher odds is a trick experienced slots players know well. You can only win some games but, winning high RTP/odds slot games is better than winning lower RTP slot games.

Place Higher Bets

Most gamblers try to land their bets on penny slots since it is inexpensive and involves few risks. However, this leads to lower returns since the deposit is low. And the penny slot machines’ progressive jackpots are definitely not goldmines either. To make more money from slots, you have to be willing to place higher bets. 

Top wins are often connected to larger bets. You can’t become a millionaire by playing penny slots. In slots, just like in video poker, the higher your bet, the higher possible win. However, if you prefer placing small bets, keep at it! Just don’t expect large wins. Risk is a huge part of gambling, so why not dabble in it? But before you get carried away, remember to only bet what you can afford to lose. 

Play on a Licensed Casino Site 

Besides picking the best slot machines and developing the right betting culture, you should also play on a trustworthy site. Playing on a site that’s not trustworthy can remove all the fun and even winnings you hope to get from slot games. 

Although adulterated sites seem rare, they are not. Hence, it is important as a beginner to only pick casino sites with backing from trusted licensing platforms. In most cases, players on legitimate sites don’t come across rigged slot games and outcomes are truly random. 

Read Reviews 

Regardless of the machine, someone out there has probably played it. And these people might have a few things to say about it. Reviews of specific slot machines are a great way to get an unbiased overview of them. With reviews written by other players, you can be prepared in advance and know what to expect when you finally play the machine.

You Won’t Always Win, and That’s Fine 

Knowing you might not always win helps you stick to your budget and make better decisions, which is just how to play slots the right way. Slots are based on chance, and you might not be lucky every day. And that’s fine! Accepting that losing in gambling is normal helps you stand up and move on. Moreover, when you stick to your budget, you get more money to play another time. And who knows, you might be lucky then. 

Enjoy the Experience 

Slot machines are one of the best ways to ease stress. Plus, if you want to sit back and relax with some spins, slots are perfect. You don’t have to bet big. With cents, you can try different rounds. Unlike table games, you don’t have to give it much thought. All you have to do is push down a lever and hope you get the right combination of symbols. 

Gambling is a form of entertainment that has the possibility of winning big. But it is entertainment nonetheless. Hence, play for fun instead of the winnings and take the necessary breaks when it no longer feels fun. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – an extensive guide on how to play slot machines. Slots are basic and don’t require much effort to grasp. You place your bet, press the button or pull the lever, and wait till you get a winning combination. 

Nonetheless, there is more for those who seek to take slots a little more seriously. Suppose you visit the nearest casino or log on to your favorite casino site and research your intended slot machine beforehand. You’ll have a better chance of winning when you play. You should also get conversant with the various symbols and take advantage of the bonus offers. The internet is full of all the possible information you could need.  

Finally, remember that slot games vary. For instance, we have progressive and non-progressive jackpots, each with its peculiarities. In the end, slots are meant to be fun, so don’t ruin it by overanalyzing. And if you are worried about losing money, stick with the penny slots. Better still, try the free versions at online casinos. Now let’s get spinning!

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