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Alaska has a relatively conservative approach to gambling and the state is not known as a gambling hub in the US. The state allows little freedom of online gambling unlike most other US states. Despite the large number of residents that love to play online casino games, the state laws are strict towards the online gambling industry. 

You won’t find commercial casinos in the state, making it challenging for players interested in playing slot games to find alternatives to enjoying state-regulated gambling options. The common option for online gambling enthusiasts in Alaska is visiting offshore gambling sites to enjoy the best slot titles and other online casino game variants. 

As a resident looking for slot games in Alaska, you’ll find the answers you seek in this article. We’ll provide all the essential details on how you can access real-money slot games in Alaska. You’ll also find a comprehensive guide to help you get started playing at safe offshore online casino platforms. 

Alaska Gambling Laws

Engaging in unlawful gambling is considered a violation of the law in Alaska. So, any device equipped with unlicensed gambling software used for real-money betting can be confiscated by the state. While online gambling rules and regulations are stricter in Alaska than in most other US states, this doesn’t mean its residents can’t have access to online casinos where they can play for real money. 

Alaska’s local regulations haven’t been updated recently to address issues of online gambling. That means players can’t be penalized for playing on offshore online casino sites, provided they’re properly licensed. The laws also don’t apply to home games and social gambling since this kind of gambling does not require real money. 

While it’s stated that it violates Alaskan law to participate in unlawful gambling, no state resident has been apprehended yet for playing games at online casino platforms. The state law may not necessarily go after individuals playing real-money games. Rather, no online casino operator can set up its facilities in the state. 

Alaska Casino Legislation Timeline 

Alaska has always been one of the US states that strongly oppose gambling. The state has yet to offer residents a state lottery or land-based casinos. As a result, unlike most other states, you’ll find an uneventful history of gambling. Here are a few moments that the state experienced some gambling changes since the formation of its statehood in 1959. 

  • 1986: Federally recognized tribes in Alaska are allowed to host Class II games, including pull tabs and bingo. This is a result of the approval of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act by the government. 
  • 1990: Alaskan voters reject the proposal to make gambling legal in the state, despite the backing of the Alaska Gambling Board. 
  • 1995: The Alaska legislature clears a bill prohibiting wheel, card, and dice games. The state lawmakers also ban cruise ships from using state waters to offer casino games. 
  • 2003: The lawmakers in Alaska propose the HB240 bill to create a state lottery. Another bill that would allow video poker is also proposed in the same year. However, both bills are rejected. 
  • 2004: Lawmakers in the state vote against the HB509 bill, which is aimed at creating an Alaska Gaming Commission. 
  • 2008: Alaska voters refuse to accept a bill aimed to introduce Class III regulated gambling facilities.
  • 2016. The state lawmakers finally approve the Alaska Gaming Reform Act. This body regulates the Charitable Gaming Program in the state. 

No current gambling laws in Alaska cover online casinos or sports betting. The state also doesn’t have any state-licensed online casinos where residents can play real-money slot machine games. The only option available to Alaska residents is to visit offshore gambling sites to enjoy unlimited access to several real-money slot titles and other game variants. 

Although the Alaska gambling law doesn’t support online gambling, it doesn’t prohibit or persecute those who engage in legal online gambling at licensed offshore sites. So, you can search for some of the best licensed online casinos that accept Alaska residents. 

We’ve provided some gambling options available for Alaska residents. While some are legally allowed to function in the state, you may need to access the others in foreign states. If you’re visiting Alaska for the first time or as a resident interested in gambling, here is a list of available gambling options and how to access them.

Alaska Casinos

Casino-style games are completely prohibited in Alaska, as no institution in the state is allowed to offer table games, video poker, or slots. Most Alaska-based casinos offer pull-tab games as legal gambling options, and they’re offered in a very limited number of venues. There’s also no law regulating online games, as local businesses are banned from running online casino platforms. 

Playing at offshore gambling sites is not entirely illegal since the state legislation is yet to formally make any law to prosecute residents playing at such sites. However, it will help if you only play slot games at licensed and reputable online casinos to avoid fraud. 

Alaska Sports Betting

Sports betting is considered unlawful in Alaska, except for dog mushing contests. Any local business offering sports betting in the state violates the Alaska Code sec. 11.66.200, punishable by the law. As an Alaska-based gambler, the only option to enjoy sports betting is visiting offshore online casinos to stake on your favorite sports team. You can also stick to wagering on dog mushing contests, an important Alaskan tradition. 

Alaska Lotteries

The state of Alaska has one of the strictest approaches to state lotteries in the US. Most US states, even those yet to make online casinos legal, allow their residents to enjoy lottery gambling options as an alternative to real-money gambling. However, Alaska doesn’t operate a state lottery. The possibility of getting a state lottery platform in the state seems a long way away since several appeals have been turned down already. You can only participate in legal lottery-style gaming in Alaska by visiting tribal venues that offer pull-tab games. 

Alaska Poker

Poker in Alaska is only legal as a social game. Meaning you can’t legally engage in poker games for real money in the state. The only form of betting allowed in Alaska is bets placed on games that require skill. However, Alaska lawmakers see poker as a game of chance and, as such, allow residents to play it as an at-home game. Like playing online slot games, you can play poker for real money at offshore online casinos that accept Alaska players.

Alaska Daily Fantasy Sports

Many folks consider DFS contests to be skilled-based, and Alaska lawmakers do not target them directly. Consequently, you can engage in DFS contests without getting into trouble with the Alaskan gambling laws. In addition, top US-facing DFS platforms such as Fantasy Draft, DraftKings, Yahoo DFS, and FanDuel offer their services to Alaska residents without any restrictions. Although Alaska legislation isn’t clear about whether DFS contests are legal, you don’t need to worry since the state legislature has not yet prosecuted players. 

Alaska Bingo

Land-based bingo is the only type of commercial gaming you can legally enjoy in Alaska apart from pull-tab games. You’ll find three venues in Anchorage and a few others across the state that offer bingo. While the number of venues offering Alaska bingo is limited, gambling enthusiasts can try out offshore alternatives. However, playing on such online casino platforms could fall under unlawful gaming in Alaska. 

Top Casinos in Alaska to Enjoy Pull Tab and Bingo Games

Gambling for real money is generally considered an offense in Alaska. You can only participate in the state’s bingo, pull-tab, and other charity games. So, if you’re visiting the state for the first time and looking for a gambling alternative, we suggest you visit their social casinos. Below are the top casinos where you can enjoy a free gambling experience in Alaska. 

Agate Pulltabs

Agate Pulltabs is one of the most fun-themed centers in Alaska where you can enjoy the best pull-tab gaming experience. It’s a popular center that many Alaska residents visit for fun and amusement. Even tourists visiting the city for the first time will be attracted by the number of people around the place. Although operations at Agate Pulltabs only start at noon, you’ll still get enough time to enjoy an awesome experience with other gambling enthusiasts. Agate Pulltabs is located at Sand Point, Alaska. 

Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo Center

Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo Center is a popular and reputable bingo center in Alaska. The center is known for the large collection of bingo games. You’ll find hundreds of people within and around Alaska having fun while playing their favorite bingo games. The casino center has over 90 gaming machines, automated blackjack, and slots. You’ll find the Metlakatla Bingo Hall at 8th & Upper Milton St, Metlakatla, AK 99926, United States. 

Lucky Boniface Bingo Center

The Lucky Boniface Bingo Center is regarded as one of the best Anchorage casinos. We recommend this casino center if you’re looking for a very large bingo gaming center with many visitors. You’ll also find several types of bingo games. Alaska gamblers can visit the casino center to share resources and information and have fun with other interested players. Lucky Boniface Bingo Center is located at 360 Boniface Pkwy #A21, Anchorage, AK 99504, USA. 

Eagle River Bingo And Casino

Well-known around Alaska, the Eagle River Bingo and Casino is one of the best gaming centers you’ll want to visit. The casino is open to residents and visitors interested in playing bingo games, craps, blackjack, and slot machines. You can also participate in local tournaments organized in the center for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Eagle River Bingo And Casino opens early and closes quite late to allow players enough time to enjoy gaming moments. The gaming center is located at 12130 Regency Dr, Eagle River, AK 99577, USA. 

Tudor Bingo Center

Tudor Bingo Center is a reliable bingo center you should visit if you’re looking for a legal gaming center in Alaska. Located at 1436 E Tudor Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507, USA, the gaming center provides the best bingo game variations. You can share awesome gaming moments with other visitors from within and outside the state. The bingo center features slot machines and game tables that provide many gambling options for players. Tudor Bingo Center is also open to visitors who wish to observe other players while they play.

How You Can Access Real Money Slot Games in Alaska

Given that most forms of gambling are prohibited in Alaska-based facilities, your next option should be to visit an offshore online casino. A step-by-step guide will direct you in getting started with your favorite Alaska slot titles. 

  1. Select a licensed gambling platform

There are no licensed Alaska-based online casinos, nor will you find land-based ones operating in the state. You must visit offshore gambling platforms to enjoy real-money online gaming options. We’ve reviewed the best real-money online casinos that accept Alaska players. Our recommended options are licensed and reputable, providing excellent service delivery and the best casino game content. 

  1. Sign up for an account

All online casinos we’ve reviewed in this article allow Alaska players to create a free casino account. The registration process is seamless and only takes around five minutes to complete. To sign up for an account on our recommended casino sites, you must provide login details, including a username, email address, and password. You’ll also need to provide personal information such as full name, phone number, home address, and birthday. 

  1. Verify your newly created account

After creating your new account, you’d be required to verify it. The casino will send a verification link to your registered email. Click on the link to verify your new account and access the casino site’s full features. You may also need to verify your account when making your first withdrawal, especially when using payment options such as bank cards and e-wallets. Ensure you have a utility bill, international passport, or driving license for verification. 

  1. Fund your account

Once your account has been created and verified, make payments to fund your account. This will allow you to play real-money casino slot games to win real cash. Your first deposit may also make you eligible for a welcome bonus offer. With your welcome bonus, you can play real-money games for free. However, you must check if a promo code is needed for the offer and ensure you understand the wagering conditions. 

  1. Step 5: Start playing

Check the online casino lobby to find your preferred slot game title. You can use your welcome bonus or funds from your account balance to spin your favorite slot games. You can also play the demo version to become familiar with new games. While online slots are games of luck, practicing some of our winning strategies can increase your winning chances. 

Vital Factors to Look For in Alaska Real Money Slot Online Casinos

The only option for Alaska-based players to enjoy real-money slot games is to sign-up for offshore online casinos. However, finding a reliable gambling platform that offers the best gaming experience may be difficult with the numerous options available on the internet. Here are some vital factors you must look for in Alaska online casinos. 

Valid License From a Reputable Regulatory Body

Real-money online casinos are yet to become legal in Alaska, and it doesn’t look like something that will happen anytime soon. So, the best option for playing real-money games is to visit foreign online gambling platforms that accept Alaska players. However, choosing offshore casinos with valid licenses from reputable regulatory bodies is vital. This will ensure you don’t get on the wrong side of the law and don’t expose sensitive data fraudsters. 

A Large Collection of Different Casino Gaming Options

Playing only slot games all the time may bore you. Access to different game varieties will enhance your gaming experience and increase the fun. So, before choosing an online gambling platform, ensure you can find various game content, including blackjack, poker, jackpots, roulette, scratch cards, lottery, baccarat, slots, bingo, and live dealer games. Also, ensure that the games are up-to-date and offer great graphics, quality sounds, and high RTPs. 

Seamless and Safe Banking Options

Your bank details are very sensitive, and exposing them to any gambling platform can be dangerous. Ensure the online casino you choose is safe enough to protect your bank card details. Also, choose only gambling sites that offer diverse options for making deposits and withdrawals. This will enable you to experience seamless banking operations. 

Helpful Customer Support Service

Since Alaska lawmakers are yet to legalize online casino operations in the state, you must choose offshore gambling platforms with excellent support services. This will ensure you get instant support when any issue arises. The support service must be available across multiple channels for easy access. Also, look for sites with comprehensive FAQ sections to learn about the casino. 

Good Design and Functionality

The casino website design can impact your overall gaming experience. We recommend you choose mobile-responsive online casinos to play your favorite games on the go using your mobile device. Always go for online gambling platforms that offer smooth layouts for seamless navigation. You can also check if the casino has a dedicated app, or you can access games using any top mobile browser. 

Mouthwatering Bonuses and Promotions

With fantastic bonuses and promotional offers, you’ll enjoy an extended playing time and increase your winning chances. Top Alaska online casinos offer attractive bonuses to both new and returning players. New players can enjoy welcome bonuses, free spins, and no-deposit bonuses. In comparison, returning players can enjoy juicy bonuses such as cashback, loyalties, and festive bonuses. In addition, look at the wagering requirements of the bonuses and go for the ones that are easy to meet. 

Top-Notch Security 

You have a lot at stake when you play games on online gambling platforms that don’t have a tight security network. You can lose your money and expose your details to unauthorized third-party users. So, check for the security measures the online casino uses to protect your details against theft and fraud. Top online casinos that accept Alaska residents use modern security plugins, high-tech firewalls, and 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your details. 

Winning Strategies That Can Help You When Playing at Alaska Online Casinos

Slots is a game of chance, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll win. However, there are some steps you can take to increase your chance of winning. Here are some slot tips we’ve compiled to increase your winning successes when playing real-money slot games in Alaska. 

  • Play at regulated Alaska online casinos: You can avoid problems by playing only at licensed and regulated Alaska online casinos. Casino games’ outcomes are meant to be random, as the games are not supposed to favor particular users. However, fraudulent casinos can rig the game’s outcome to reduce your chance of winning. So, ensure you play on platforms that have relevant RNG (random number generator) certificates. 
  • Play slot games with high RTPs: The higher the slot game RTP, the higher your winning return value. For a chance to win big, play games that offer a high RTP. You can search through the casino lobby to find such games. Some casinos also add game information so players know what to expect. 
  • Use bonuses: Always be on the lookout for bonuses and promotional offers you’re eligible for. Most casinos offer such bonuses to increase your playing time. Using your bonus offer will enable you to play real money games for free, thus reducing how much you spend from your casino account balance. 
  • Always practice: While online gambling is a game of chance, practicing will help improve your winning chances. For instance, playing free games in demo mode will familiarize you with how a game works. This will reduce the level of trial and error when playing games. 
  • Play with less emotion: It’s impossible to win all the time. So, don’t allow losing to make you lose focus on your next game. It’s preferable to stop playing when you’re not emotionally fit to continue. 
  • Gambling is for fun: We advise that you take online gambling as a recreational activity you engage in for fun. Seeing gambling as a way to amass wealth will likely lead to you losing a lot of funds. You should set a budget for online gambling and stick to it regardless of each game’s outcome. 
  • Look out for jackpots: Jackpots offer life-changing opportunities that have made many online gamblers millionaires. You can participate in progressive jackpots for a chance of massive winnings. You can also win other prizes when you play jackpot games. 

Do Alaska Slot Online Casinos Offer Bonuses to Players?

Alaska online casinos offer bonuses and promotions to players to enhance the gaming experience. You can play real-money slot games and stand a chance of winning real cash without using funds from your casino account balance. We’ve compiled a list of some of the fantastic bonuses you can expect at online casinos that accept Alaska players. 

  • Welcome bonus: This is the first bonus you enjoy after signing up for an account at any online casino. You get this bonus as a reward for creating an account and making your first deposit. You can use the welcome bonus to play casino games for free. 
  • Free spins: Alaska slot casinos offer extra spins you can use to spin certain slot titles for free. Since you can’t use free spins on all casino game variants, we advise you to check and confirm the eligible slot titles for this type of bonus. 
  • Reload bonus: This type of bonus is matched up to a certain percentage of the amount you deposit to fund your account. The casino offers regular players this bonus as a reward for consistently making deposits on the platform. 
  • No-deposit bonus: This is a form of bonus a casino offers a new customer without making an initial deposit. The gambling operator allows new players to try out real-money games without funding their accounts. 
  • Loyalty bonus: As a regular player, an online casino can offer rewards in cash, free spins, and other incentives. You can withdraw this bonus or play real-money games for free. Unfortunately, new users aren’t eligible for this type of bonus as you must have shown commitment and consistency on the platform. 
  • Cashback: Gambling platforms offer cashback to players to compensate for their losses. You can get a certain percentage back of all the amount you’ve used to play games over a certain period. Some casinos offer up to 20% cashback on your losses. 
  • VIP Bonus: Some high-roller players get special packages as in appreciation of the constant support they offer the casino platform. You can get special incentives, exclusive treatments, and even a dedicated account manager as a VIP member. 

Top 5 Casinos for Playing Online Slots in Alaska

Online gambling is restricted in Alaska. So, visiting a reputable offshore online casino is the best online gambling option for real-money slot games. We’ve listed the top five online casinos where Alaska players can enjoy a real-money online gambling experience. Playing on these sites will allow you access to the best slot games. 

Ignition Casino

We chose Ignition Casino as one of the top five online casino platforms for Alaska players for several reasons. The gambling site offers the best-known welcome bonuses and other promotional offers to boost your winning chances. You can access the freshest slot machines and other game variations in their casino lobby. 

Security on the site is top-notch, and the gambling platform focuses on resolving your complaints instantly. Ignition casino is also a perfect option for players looking for a standard online poker room. 

Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is one of the most mobile-friendly online gambling platforms where you can play your favorite casino games. The gambling operator offers over 100 slot machines from the best casino software developers. You’ll also find several table games, live dealer games, poker, and sports games. 

Users will find the online casino appealing as the site design is attractive, with a simple layout for seamless navigation. The casino offers an enticing welcome bonus to new users after their first deposit. You can also enjoy other amazing features, including flexible payment options, professional customer support, high-tech security, and enhanced gameplay. 

Wild Casino

Wild Casino is a licensed online gaming platform that offers its services to Alaska-based players. We recommend this casino because of its competitive promotional offers and clean website design. Even newbies can navigate the platform with ease as the casino is mobile-responsive. 

You don’t have to worry about your data safety since the gambling site uses the latest firewalls and SSL encryption for data protection. With the casino’s friendly support agents, we guarantee you’ll get your problems sorted out within a few minutes.

Often regarded as one of the best online gambling platforms for jackpots and lottery games, is a good alternative for Alaska residents to play real-money slot games. The casino offers lottery-style scratch card games, bingo, poker, baccarat, live dealer games, and many more casino games. 

You’ll find amazing customer service representatives to guide and support you on the platform. The casino provides many payment options for free, seamless, and fast online transactions. You can play your favorite Alaska slot machines using your PC, laptop, or mobile device. 

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline Casino rounds off our list of the most recommended online casinos for Alaska players to enjoy online gambling. The gambling platform features both the casino and sportsbook sections, giving players various options. With over 500 top-quality casino games, you’ll enjoy free and real-money games. 

The casino also offers mouthwatering bonuses to enhance your gameplay and help you win big. You can rely on the support team to provide solutions whenever you face challenges with payments, creating an account, or accessing bonuses. The casino also features fast and reliable deposits and payouts. 

Responsible Online Gambling in Alaska

Since online gambling isn’t legal in Alaska, it’s wise to apply caution when gambling as a resident. This will ensure you don’t get into trouble with the law or get defrauded. It also helps you reduce the loss rate you can incur while playing. You can find some responsible gambling tips below. 

  • Never play real money games at online casinos without proper licenses. We’ve listed some top online casinos where you can enjoy safe online gambling in Alaska.
  • Set limits on the number of deposits, wagers, and losses you make daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Only stake with an amount of money you can afford to lose. Have a budget and stick to it, regardless of the game outcome. 
  • Report any issues you experience on the gambling site to the support team for immediate action. Remember that the gambling laws in Alaska don’t affect residents playing at offshore sites.
  • Visit organizations like Problem Gambling Helpline and Gamblers Anonymous for further assistance if you’re worried about your gambling habits. 


Alaska has yet to show willingness to start regulating real-money online slot activities in the state, unlike many other US states. The best option is visiting offshore online casinos that accept Alaska-based players if you wish to play casino games for real cash. With our list of recommended Alaska online casinos, you can get started and have access to the best gambling experience. We advise that you get familiar with the casinos’ terms and conditions. 


How safe is playing at Alaska online casinos?

Safety is one of our criteria for recommending reliable online casino platforms to Alaska players. We look out for the types of security measures in place to protect users’ banking details and personal data. 

Are real-money casino slot games legal in Alaska?

Real-money slot games and other gambling options are illegal in Alaska. Players can only participate in pull tabs, bingo, and charity games as the only legal gambling options in the state. It would be best to visit offshore online casinos to enjoy casino games. 

What is Alaska’s legal gambling age?

You must be 19 years and above to participate in bingo and pull tabs in Alaska legally. However, players interested in casino gaming in the state must be at least 21 years old. In addition, you must be conscious of the required age for gambling in foreign casinos. 

Who regulates Alaska’s online gambling?

There is currently nobody that regulates online gambling activities in Alaska. However, The Alaska Department of Revenue oversees charitable gaming, which is the only legal gambling option in the state. 

Are Alaska online casinos mobile-responsive?

Most Alaska online casinos, especially the ones we recommend, are mobile-responsive. They allow you to play your favorite slot games, make deposits, and claim bonuses using your mobile device. Some even have apps you can install on your smartphone for seamless operation. 

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