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Online roulette remains one of the best casino games available. The simple gameplay and various betting types provide ample opportunity for a great time. Because of its straightforward style of play, several varieties of roulette are now available, some more popular than others. One of them is the French roulette online wheel. 

French roulette has similar attributes to the European variety. It is also close to the American and European types, now commonly available at several US online casinos. This guide provides all the reliable information you need to begin enjoying online roulette comfortably. 

The Basics of French Roulette

French roulette is a top variation of the classic game. The major objective is to bet on which pocket the ball finally lands in once the wheel stops spinning. While the rules remain similar for all other roulette types, with French roulette there’s a little tweak – the “La Partage” rule. The La Partage rule states that if one player places an even bet (either odd or even, or red or black), and the ball ends at the zero pocket, that player loses half the wager, 

This rule is the main reason for the French roulette strategy, which results in a lower house edge value than American roulette.  

Another significant difference between French roulette and the European format is the betting type. There are additional options for inside and outside bets, which are easy to pick up and understand. 

The French Roulette Game Setup

The French roulette wheel has numbers similar to the European format. They also appear in the same order, so some US casino players mistake one variety for another. 

There are 37 numbers at the table, numbered 0 to 36, with 18 of the numbers in red, 18 black, and the zero pocket in green. The colors alternate, red then black around the wheel. 

A typical French roulette game has 12 rows, each having three numbers per grid. The ranking increases from 1 to 36, with the zero pocket or section last. While the numbers make up the inside of the betting zone, the colors make up the outside bets. Hence, understanding the betting types is essential to start betting at a French roulette wheel. 

Depending on which online casino you choose, the layout may include an oval racetrack displaying all numbers in an ordered arrangement on the wheel. The racetrack also has specific bets, known as “racetrack bets,” which advanced French roulette players can use. 

Betting Options and Payouts for Casino French Roulette

The online French roulette table has all the same betting types available on the classic table. This includes low-volatility options like red or black, with a hit rate of 48.6%. There’s also the option of wagering on specific numbers, offering only 0.027% of a specific hit. However, if you win, you could land up to 37x your stake. 

Over 30 betting types for the French roulette game exist, and they are available in three distinct categories. 

Inside Bets

Inside bets cover mainly a group of numbers or specific options on the layout. They also carry the biggest odds. As stated, they carry the highest potential payouts but have low winning odds. They include: 

  • Individual numbers: players at the table place chips on one number, choosing between 0 and 36. If the bet wins, the payout is 35x the stake. 
  • Group bets: these wagers cover chips across groups of numbers on the French roulette table. Top forms include the split with a payout of 17x, corners with a payout of 8x, and streets with a payout of 11x. Others are the rows offering an 11x payout and six lines with a 5x payout. 

Outside Bets

Outside bets cover broader groups than inside bets. Options include even or odds numbers, high and low ranges, and colors. Unlike inside bets, outside bets have higher winning chances but low payouts. Almost all the wagers have a “double your wager” payout. Popular options include:

  • Red or black: offers double your stake as a payout
  • Column: offers 2x your stake as a payout
  • Dozen: offers 2x your stake as a payout
  • Odd or even: offers double as a payout 
  • High or low: offers double as a payout. 

Special Bets

While inside and outside bets are standard for all online roulette games, special bets make French roulette stand out.  Special bets have different names, like exotic or call bets. Some online casinos allow you to tell the dealer to place any of them on your behalf. 

Their main function is to allow players to cover specific areas at the table. Special bets have French names and may be confusing for beginners. However, it’s simple to explain them and can help you out when betting. 

Voisins du Zéro

This bet type is for a group of numbers close to each other on the wheel. Ideally, it includes 17 numbers between 22 and 25. Players who want to wager using this bet type will announce “voisins du zéro” at the table for the croupier to place it for them. 

It covers several splits and/or individual numbers. However, bet payouts will depend on which number the bet lands on and which chips a player uses. 

Tiers du Cylindre

This bet is for a series of bets covering the opposite angles of the table Voisins du Zéro bets won’t reach. Numbers here include 27 and 33. Players will have to announce “tiers du cylindre” to the croupier. Again, payouts depend on the winning number and chips placed. 


The Orphelins bet is for a combination of numbers unavailable to the first two call bets. This includes eight figures spread across two different sections on the wheel. As usual, placing the bet involves calling out “orphelins” to the dealer. Payouts also depend on which chips were placed and the numbers that won. 

All the call bets have differing payouts at online casinos. We recommend studying the paytable first before proceeding to place a bet. 

Jeu Zéro

This bet type covers seven letters closest to the zero pocket. It includes 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, and 15. Players only need four chips to cover this wager. It’s related to split bets, as you cover different bets. 

Finales en Plein

The Finales en Plein bets cover individual numbers that you place on numbers with the same digit ends. For instance, players can place ‘Finale 0 en Plein’”wagers on 0, 10, 20, and 30. Another quick example is the ‘Finale 1 en Plein” which will be 1, 11, 21, and 31. All bets are straight, carrying a 35x payout for any winning number. 

Finales a Cheval

Players that choose this bet type can make different straight and split bets on any two numbers. For instance, a Finales a Cheval wager on 0 and 1 will be for numbers that finish the same. They include 0, 1, 10, 11, 20, 21, 30, and 31. All numbers you choose determine the number’s position on the table and where the straight and split bets you settle for. 

Neighbor Bets

Racetrack bets are popular with advanced players, although it is a simple concept anyone can learn. They involve using a simple outline of the wheel in an oval format, with all numbers having the same format. Players can wager on a number and the others surrounding it. 

All you need to do is select a number on the wheel. The neighbors’ bet will also choose adjacent numbers from both sides depending on the type played. Again, the payouts depend on the casino you play, but the average is 35x. 

How to Play French Roulette

The excellent options with French roulette variations make it a very exciting game. French roulette also provides room to adjust bet sizes whenever you want. However, the minimum and maximum limits differ from one online casino to another. 

As part of a top French roulette strategy, here are some features to focus on even without regardless of the limits:

  • Adjust the bet size according to your budget
  • Begin with small wagers and build on it
  • Choose tables that have the lowest house edge

To begin wagering, select a bet. That could be a number, even or odd, or other bet type. The rules make the experience more exciting than most online roulette tables. 

French Roulette Rules

One of the unique differences between French roulette online casino tables and other varieties is the rules. Here’s a review of what to look out for. 

La Partage

The La Partage rule only affects even money bets. Place such wager on red or black, 1-18, 19-36, or odd or even. If the ball finally rests on the zero pocket, the dealer returns half of the stake to you and retains the remaining bet. 

Its impact is better when compared to an online roulette European table. With the La Partage rule, the online French roulette table has a house edge of 1.35%, compared to European roulette’s 2.7% and 5.26% for the American roulette table. 

En Prison

The En Prison rule is similar to La Partage, except it traps all bets till the next round. Hence, the name. If the ball lands at the zero pocket, the croupier retains the wager for the next spin. This provides a good chance to get a full return on the bets. 

If the bet wins, players will get the full wager back. Lose, and everything is gone. With the En Prison rule, there’s no win, only full loss, or get the entire stake back.

Its impact on player loss is the same as La Partage, although through different processes. 

While American, European, and French roulette online tables are popular, they differ. Here are the major distinctions that separate the French online casino table from the rest. 

Wheel Layout

French roulette has a single zero pocket, meaning only 37 numbers are available (0-36). European roulette has the same layout, while American roulette has two zero pockets.


The La Partage and En Prison rules help reduce the house edge values for even money bets. This difference makes French roulette one of the best variants for US online casinos. However, remember to study the table you’re playing at, as payouts differ from one casino to another. 


A majority of the terms for this roulette variant are French. For instance, even money bet terms are “rouge/noir” (red/black), “manque/passe” (low/high), “pair/impair” (even/odd), etc. It sets the table apart from other online roulette tables. 

How to Beat the System – Popular Strategies

Online French roulette involves logical reasoning. You’ll need a mathematical strategy to succeed in this game of numbers. Two top tactics stand out among others, and experienced players use them. 

The first is the Martingale strategy, which is simple and something newbies can follow easily. Fibonacci is the next option, which allows you to follow a sequence of numbers. However, it’s important to research French online casino tables with the lowest limit possible. 

An expert tip is to look for casinos where both the La Partage and En Prison rules apply. It provides all the advantages since it reduces the house edge.

Here are other important tips to note:

  • Understand the rules first before you start betting. It’s important you have a good foundation of the rules. This also includes the variant-specific conditions, La Partage and En Prison. 
  • Play only on the best and most reputable online casinos. Look for licensed online casinos that offer French roulette. Chances are that the two rules will be in force, allowing you to have bigger winning chances. 
  • Have a fixed bankroll. Set a budget for your gaming journey before beginning. You can control your losing or winning spree within a set limit. 
  • Begin with a demo version. We recommend starting out with free games first. The best online casinos offer these versions, allowing you to practice. 

FAQ on French Roulette

What is the difference between European and French roulette Tables?

Although French and European roulette tables are almost similar, some differences exist. The most common are the rules La Partage and En Prison. Even money bets are split 50:50 and returned or kept for the next spin. 

How many numbers are on the French roulette wheel?

The French roulette wheel has 37 numbers (0-36). This is similar to the European version, with 37 pockets and one zero digit. Sequences are also similar, which include the red, black, and green compartments. 

How many bet types are in French roulette?

There are simple and complex betting types in French roulette. The regular is the outside and inside bets, common with other variants. The advanced or complex options come with French names. 

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