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Play Online Video Poker with Real Money

Many casinos offer video poker games for their customers. This game has long been a sensation among loyal gamblers, thanks to its easy gameplay, low house edge/high payback percentage, and huge similarity to slot machines. 

You wouldn’t be wrong to compare video poker to slots, although it still has the complexity of traditional poker. These reasons have seen the rise of new registrations on online casinos, poker rooms, and at land-based gambling venues. If you prefer to wager online, there are two options available:

  • Free money mode
  • Real money video poker

Playing video poker for real money has immense benefits, even though we cannot overlook the possibilities attached to free money or demo mode. If you’re interested in enjoying casino games, video poker offers some of the best payouts you can find. Our guide provides relevant information to players who want to play video poker for real money. 

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Here, we lay out a step-by-step guide on how to play video poker for real money. We have also included some excellent tips on selecting the best online video poker for real money and placing your first bet for the online video poker real money version. 

How to Play Video Poker Online: Real Money Version

Players who are ready to place their first real money wager on online video poker will find it fulfilling. Its advantage over live dealer table games is a binding effect for players. With video poker, you can determine the speed of the gameplay, allowing you to calculate your timing to perfection. 

Because of its simple style of play, there are different variants for this exciting game, both online and at land-based casinos. Each of them has a few adjustments to the gameplay. Before placing a bet, you should watch out for the different types of video poker. 

Here’s the general style of play for online video poker for real money:

Select the Best Online Video Poker Casino to Sign Up

To begin wagering on video poker, you must choose the best online video poker machine. There are numerous poker sites/online casinos where you can sign up and enjoy awesome welcome bonuses— and we will cover how to find the best online casino below. 

Make a Real Money Deposit

After creating an account, the next step is to fund your casino account. Depending on the casino you choose, there are diverse video poker payment methods to select from. A reputable online casino lists only well-secured banking options for you to choose from. 

To make a deposit, click on “account” and choose the most convenient banking option for you. Enter your details and the amount you would like to add to your account. Click on “submit” and your account balance should be updated. 

Once done, you can convert your funds to credits to use at the online video poker virtual machine. You can perform this function on the device or in the casino’s account section. 

PS: It is important to check the casino’s minimum deposit amount allowed before proceeding to deposit. 

Proceed to Place a Bet

Now that you’re done with funding your account, the next step is to place your first bet. All video poker machines have a minimum bet size, starting from $1 and above. Credit worth also varies. Complete information is usually available at the pay table below the screen. 

Click on the “Bet” button, choose the bet amount you want, and the system will display the number of credits you’ll get. 

Deal Cards

After your first bet, click on “Deal”, and a set of cards will be issued to you. As per game rules, a total of five playing cards will be dealt to you. Most video poker slot virtual machines automatically deal cards after instantly confirming your bet. 

Discard or Hold

Players who feel the cards issued are insufficient to offer a strong winning hand can use the discard option. Here, cards you think are not good can be discarded. Just tap on the card and the machine will take it away. 

Any card that was discarded will be replaced immediately by the machine. 

Raise or Hold Bets

If the card selection dealt is okay, move to the next stage. Either opt to raise the bet to boost your potential cash prize or hold and maintain the initial bet. 

After this, the second round of cards will be dealt.  


Like the previous stage, discard the cards you feel are not good enough, and the machine will replace them. You can also increase your bet size or hold. 

If you do not discard any card, the machine will move on to the final stage. 

Collect your Real Money Winnings

With your final hand, the machine will display its own hand. You will be paid according to the agreed payout on the pay table for the hand you hold. 

How to Select the Best Online Video Poker Sites for Real Money

How to Select the Best Online Video Poker Sites for Real Money

No matter the type of video poker variant you’re interested in, the reliability of the site you’re playing on can have a huge impact. Various casino gambling sites offer amazing payouts, bonuses, and other incentives. Some also list the best video poker game types. Here are some features recommended by our experts in choosing the right casino. 

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

The safety of your personal information should be a priority when choosing a new online casino. You can confirm if a site is who it says it is by looking out for its license. You can locate the license on the homepage of the site. 

Most reputable sites are regulated by top licensing bodies, like the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, etc. Online video poker real money USA gambling websites are licensed by the gaming authority of the state they operate in. A few trustworthy sites attach a link to the regulatory body’s site to show they are duly registered and licensed there. 

In addition, you can confirm this with online review sites. Read reviews from fellow gamblers to ensure the site is trustworthy and legit. 

Diverse Banking Options

There are numerous payment methods available for you to choose from. They allow you to deposit and withdraw from your account seamlessly. Before registering on any casino site, check out the variety of banking methods available to you.

Some of the top selections include traditional bank cards (credit/debit), Trustly, PayPal, Skrill, bank wire transfer, PaySafeCard, EntroPay, cryptocurrency, etc. 

We recommend that you confirm the minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawal amounts allowed. Top-rated online casinos offer instant processing for all deposits and reduced fees for all withdrawal requests. You can get this information from the casino’s terms and conditions page. 

Variety of Real Money Video Poker Games

There are over 100 different types of video poker games currently. It is fun playing a wide range of games with other versions as they offer unique experiences. If you’re hunting for a poker site, it’s a good idea to go through the game collection and browse the types of video poker games available. 

Professional gamblers know that the more video poker games to choose from, the better the selection. Video poker real money variants like Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus video poker, etc. have some of the best pay table offers you can enjoy.

High Odds

The odds of each video poker variant differ from one poker site to another. Even with an excellent gameplay, it’s always a good option to have great odds with the games. Good odds mean the real money potential prize will be huge, which is a good motivation for playing! 

Some online video poker real money USA casinos list the odds for each video poker game on the pay table. If you’re a resident of any US state and interested in playing online video poker, confirm the odds before placing a bet. 

This pointer is important as most online poker websites attach low, ridiculous odds. You must place big bets to increase your chances of winning high cash prizes here. It is expected that the house will always have an advantage. However, video poker has some of the best returns compared to other casino games, so there’s no reason to have low odds. 

Bonuses and Promotions

The best video poker gambling sites have many bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers. You can find numerous offers on the promotions page or the casino’s homepage. A few of them include free credits, free games, deposit match, etc. These are vital as they can ensure you play for free on online casinos without having to deposit any cash. 

One attraction to look out for is the VIP club. Qualified customers are admitted to a special group with customized promotions and rewards. You can enjoy specialized bonuses to play video poker games, moneyback deposits, weekday deposits, etc. The eligibility requirements vary across the casinos. 

It is important you confirm the wagering requirements attached to these bonuses. All video poker incentives come with terms and conditions you must fulfill before placing a withdrawal request. If these conditions do not fit your taste, it is advisable to seek other online casinos to play video poker. 

Top-rated Online Video Poker for Money Bonuses

A peculiar difference when playing video poker at online casinos or land-based gambling venues is the collection of bonuses available for online gamblers. Depending on the iGaming site selected, you can find both general and specialized incentives for just video poker players.

Here are some general bonuses you will find at different poker betting sites:

Bonus TypeDescriptionExample
Welcome bonusThe welcome bonus is strictly for new customers at an online casino. It refers to a percentage returned depending on your real money deposit. It is usually reserved for the first deposit only. New online casinos now extend it up to the fourth deposit.150% up to $750
No-deposit bonusThis offer gives free credits to play on a video poker machine. There are no real-money deposits required. Sign up, verify your account, and the bonus will be reflected in your account, which you can convert to credits and use.  However, this offer is usually small since you did not make a real money deposit.$10 or $15 offer
Crypto BonusThe crypto bonus has almost the same features as a welcome package. However, it is limited to a certain payment method.  You can only use this offer by depositing using a crypto method, e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 100% crypto bonus
Casino pointsThis is a perfect example of a VIP reward program. You can accumulate points depending on how much of a real-money deposit you make.  Points can also be accumulated based on the time you spend on the video poker machine.Free travel package, special bonus, personal account manager, increased deposit limits and withdrawals, etc.
Free casino gamesThe free casino games award you with free spins for slot machines or free video poker hands. The offer can either be for a specified time or several rounds.Free spins, free hands 
How to Understand the Hands at Video Poker Real Money Casinos

How to Understand the Hands at Video Poker Real Money Casinos

Playing video poker with real money is almost the same as wagering at land-based casinos or live mode. As expected, the goal is getting the best hand possible in order to win. However, offline and online casinos differ because the machine shuffles and deals with cards. All individual outcomes for the machine hands are determined by a random number generator (RNG) computer algorithm. 

Here is a simple table to provide clarity to understand which hand you should play to get. 

Royal FlushA, K, Q, J, and 10. They should all be the same suit, e.g., all cards of spades, diamonds, hearts, etc. 
Straight Flush4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8. All cards from the same suit with consecutive ranking.
Four-of-a KindQ, 9, 9, 9, 9. Four cards from a hand have the same ranking, while the last card can have a different rank. 
Full House9, 9, 7, 7, 7. This hand has a pair of the same rank and three of another rank. 
Flush2, 6, 9, J, A. All cards can be of different ranks. However, they must be of the same suit. Example: all of spades, hearts, diamonds, etc.
Straight5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Five cards of succeeding ranks. Suits can be different here.
Three-of-a Kind4, 4, 4, 6, 9. The hand consists of three cards of the same rank. The remaining cards can be of different ranks.
Two-of-a Kind4, 4, 5, 3, 7. Two cards are of the same rank. Other cards have different ranks. 

The hand rankings in the table above are ordered by how strong they are. Having a royal flush is a straight winner. It is often referred to as a fixed jackpot of video poker since the probability of its occurrence is low. 

While a two-of-a-kind hand offers a payout, it is usually an even reward, i.e., 1:1. All video poker game types have different pay tables. While some do not pay for a two-of-a-kind hand, others allow a wild card and specify payment for another type of royal flush: the wild royal flush. 

We recommend you study the pay table of the video poker game you wish to play before wagering. To locate a pay table, click on the “i” button below the game screen. 

RTP of Video Poker Machines for Real Money

As we stated, the RNG is responsible for generating an individual outcome for all hands you play. This algorithm is also available on online slot machines. In addition to the RNG is the RTP (return to player) value. 

The RTP offers a theoretical estimate of what players can expect based on the bet placed. It is expressed in percentage format and suggests what players can expect after playing for a while. This information is crucial in helping you choose which type of video poker game to wager on. The RTP value differs from one machine to another. Hence, no two virtual video poker variants will have the same RTP. 

It is wise to aim for poker machines with an RTP of 99% and above. The chances of winning here are higher when compared to others. However, a lower RTP machine is a better alternative if you prefer a calmer experience with your real money bet. There are not many opportunities to win here, though. 

Playing with an optimal strategy is a good chance of winning, even with a high RTP.

Here are some of the most popular video poker variations and their RTP values:

Video Poker Game TypeRTP 
Double Double Bonus Poker98.98%
Double Bonus Poker100.17%
Bonus Poker99.16%
Deuces Wild97.00%
Deuces and Joker Power Poker99.00%
Joker Poker97.96-98.60%
Loose Deuces100.97%
Jack or Better99.5%

From the table above, Double Bonus poker is the best video poker game to make money. It offers a higher RTP value compared to others when playing video poker. Aside from Double Bonus Poker, variations with an RTP of 100% and above give you a significant chance of winning. 

Best Online Video Poker for Real Money: Double Bonus Poker

When calculating the odds of playing, the Double Bonus poker variation has the best odds compared to others. The statistics show that the odds are so great that you are paid to play this game. 

Second to Double Bonus poker is the Jacks or Better variant. Its huge popularity, low house edge, and impressive payout sheet make it a great option to select if you can’t find the Double Bonus poker variant. 

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus poker has an impressive pay table. Here, its payout stretches to a 4-of-a-kind payout. It is a direct variant of Bonus Poker with an RTP of 100.17%. Casinos try to pay for the huge pay table by reducing the payout of two-of-a-kind from 2 to 1. 

How to Calculate the Odds of Winning on Real Money Video Poker

An average video poker game is played on a deck of 52 cards. It means your chances of getting a card after a shuffle is 1 in 52, there’s a 1 in 4 chance of getting a particular suit, and a 1 in 13 chance of getting several cards.

With these chances, you can move ahead to estimate your odds. Here’s how to do it:

  • List all possible outcomes.
  • Get the probability of occurring by using the base calculation. 
  • Add all possible results, the probability of it happening, and the probability of a card appearing. 

The total of this calculation is what is referred to as the “payback percentage.” Some people mistake the payback percentage for the house edge. While there are similarities, you will also find some differences. 

Payback Percentage vs. House Edge

Most land-based casino games, like blackjack, have a house-edge value. This helps players to calculate the odds of winning. You can get the odds on an online casino using the payback percentage. They have the same meaning since it estimates your chance of beating the dealer. 

The house-edge value, however, refers to the percentage value a house will win when you play in the long run. The payback percentage is how much the casino dealer is expected to pay you in the tens of thousands. 

Suppose you’re playing Jacks or Better. Your payback percentage can be increased up to 99.54%. For every $100 you place as a bet, the house is expected to pay you $99.54. That’s a 0.04% increase in the payback percentage. 

In a land-based casino, the scenario is different. Suppose you’re playing blackjack. The rules stipulate that the house edge is around 0.5%. Continuous betting here means you’re expected to lose up to 101 times out of 200 game rounds.

While the calculations may be different, all of them are based on the high number of games you may play. It’s still your best chance of calculating your odds of winning, even at the best online video poker for real money.

Real Money Video Poker vs. Free Money Video Poker

The differences and similarities between real and free money video poker modes may be confusing to many of our readers. While free video poker offers a great chance to learn a useful strategy to win, real money allows you to withdraw your funds. 

Here are other important differences between both of these game modes:

Free Money Video Poker

  • No signup or registration required
  • You can play as much as you want 
  • Best way to learn how to play video poker and develop a strategy. 
  • You can’t win any bonuses or promotions here
  • No real-money deposit allowed
  • Only a few video poker variants are available here 

Real Money Video Poker

  • All cash prizes can be withdrawn into your personal account
  • Lots of bonuses and promotions to be awarded
  • Depending on the casino you choose, there are numerous variations to choose from 
  • However, there are also chances of losing your real money deposit 
  • You must make a deposit to access this mode 

The Legality of Online Video Poker Gambling

While the legality of online video poker gambling varies from one jurisdiction to another, the majority of the countries have fully legalized online video poker. You can fully bet at most online video poker real money USA betting sites, provided online gambling is allowed in your state of residence. 

We always recommend our readers confirm the legality of gambling in their region, even though many countries allow online video poker betting. Most land-based poker venues are fully legal, though. 

Free Online Video Poker Tournaments for Real Money

There are many tournaments available to play video poker for free. These competitions may not require a real money deposit to enter, and you can win cash prizes here. To confirm if a casino has this offer, a look at their promotions page will provide information on the current tournaments and their requirements.

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