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Many online casino players enjoy wagering on video poker. This title is easy, swift, and interesting, which makes the gameplay one of the best. They are also easy to play, like online slots with the complexity of poker rules. This combined challenge is why players sign up to play video poker online

Over the years, these amazing features have helped the game amass popularity among players. While you don’t need to be a poker expert, online casino video poker has different rules. There are clear differences between the land-based gambling venues and iGaming sites.

Play Online Video Poker

This guide will provide a clear insight into video poker online and how to play video poker at online casinos. There are also expert tips on how to win at video poker and some top video poker game variants to wager on. 

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Video Poker Types to Play Online

Before we go deep into the basics of video poker, there are key features to understand. Ideally, the concept behind the gameplay of video poker is that you wager on it as you would a slot machine at gambling venues. The rules are simple: it combines the five-card draw poker and slots. 

You have many options to wager on when selecting the best video poker game. These include:

  • Low-pay video poker game
  • Full-pay video poker game
  • Single-play video poker game
  • Multiplay video poker game

The differences here are in the game mechanics. The RTP is lower with a higher house edge for a low-pay video poker game, meaning the potential cash prize here is heavy. 

In full-pay video poker, there is an insurance mechanism known as “payback”. While in the multiplay variant, the table allows you to wager multiple hands in the hopes of winning higher amounts. The single type, however, limits you to betting with just one hand. 

There are also various jackpot video poker games available. You can choose between the progressive or fixed jackpot types. The level of triggers also varies from one poker website to another. Like the low-pay video poker, the jackpot variant has a high house-edge value, which is why many poker players do not wager with it, especially newbie customers or high-budget rollers.

Here are more popular video poker games to wager on when you decide to play online. 

Loose Deuces

With an RTP of 101.87%, this video poker variant is one of the most popular game types online. This variant offers good payout opportunities, but the best is the Royal Flush. There are wild cards and a special reward bonus that increases the level of excitement here. 

Jacks or Better

This game features a 52-card deck that may be played in a multiplay situation. This casino video poker offers different hands as a possibility and you must play one of its best to stand a chance of winning here. 

Deuces Wild

This video poker variation also uses the 52-card deck format. However, all deuces serve as wilds and will replace all cards to form a winning hand. Its simple gameplay and higher chances of winning make it the right choice for newbies to start with. 

Joker Poker

Joker Poker takes its gameplay from Jacks or Better. The difference here is the Joker card is a wild card that substitutes other regular cards. The deck used for Joker Poker consists of 53 cards, including the Joker wild. There are more chances of playing and winning with Joker Poker. 

Deuces and Joker Power 

This type of video poker involves a four-hand format. The gameplay involves four wild deuces and a wild joker, increasing the player’s winning options. 

In Deuces and Joker Power, a bonus feature called the “gamble round” offers you the opportunity to double your winnings after each game round. 

Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker is another popular online casino video poker game. It is a game that has a similar gameplay as Jacks or Better. However, one of the major aspects it varies in is the bonus payout it offers for four-of-a-kind. It also has a very reasonable payback percentage of 99.17%. 

Double Bonus Poker

The Double Bonus Poker variant is another impressive tweak of Jacks or Better. Here, the RTP value is staged at an impressive 99.92%, offering more winning options since you have to wager for four-of-a-kind hands. It’s one of the most popular game types at the best video poker casinos online. 

Double Double Bonus Poker

The style of play here is also like Double Bonus poker. However, the potential cash prize offered differs in the four-of-a-kind hands. Its RTP is 98.98%, meaning the payouts compared to the Double Bonus Poker type are lower. 

The table below contains a precise overview of the RTP values for all of the video poker game types. 

Video Poker Game typeRTP 
Double Double Bonus Poker98.98%
Double Bonus Poker99.00%
Bonus Poker99.16%
Deuces Wild97.00%
Deuces and Joker Power Poker99.00%
Joker Poker97.96-98.60%
Loose Deuces101.97%
Jack or Better98.25%
Bonus Deuces Wild Poker99.15%

Don’t forget that all RTP values are theoretical and do not represent a practical assurance of winnings as you wager on the different video poker types.

How To Play Video Poker Online

While poker on its own may be complicated for beginners, video poker has simpler gameplay. Here, you are betting against the house with real money, which is why it is often referred to as a “banking game.” 

The basic gameplay for video poker is similar to five-card draw poker. After placing a wager, you will be issued five cards. You have the chance to discard, fold, and decide which cards to use to complete your hand. All cards discarded will be replaced by the dealer, who is appointed by the house. 

The second draw will begin if you’re satisfied with your hand combination, and the computer algorithm automatically confirms if you have a strong hand. If you win, your real-money reward will be paid immediately. Otherwise, your wager is lost. 

All winning combinations for video poker classic games are the same as a standard game of online poker. The pay table that determines your reward differs from one video poker online casino to another. 

In summary, here are steps on how to play video poker online for beginners

Step 1

Select your desired online video poker site. You should research the types of video poker games available and the pay table used before deciding. 

Step 2

Sign up and click your favorite online poker variation to wager on. You may need to make a real-money deposit before proceeding. You should also claim the welcome bonus offers, if available. 

Step 3

After selecting the video poker game you want to play, it’s time to place your bet. The rules for each table are different. Be sure to check them out, especially the minimum bet accepted, before proceeding to wager. 

Step 4

Next, you will be dealt cards by the house. Depending on the video poker casino, you may be dealt automatically or you might need to press the “Deal” button to receive the cards. 

Step 5

If the cards dealt won’t give you a strong hand combination, you can discard and receive new ones. Please base your decision on the online casino’s pay table for the video poker table you are on. If you want, all five cards can be discarded at once. 

Step 6

If your hand feels comfortable enough, it’s time to raise or keep your initial wager. This happens before the second draw round of cards is issued. 

Step 7

The second draw will be issued. You’ll either press the “deal” button or it will happen automatically. 

Step 8

If your hand combination rewards you with a win, the cash prizes will instantly be credited to your video poker online casino. You can use the pay table to confirm your winnings. 

As much as you need luck to win on video poker online, you can achieve a higher chance of winning with a working strategy. Basically, knowing the rules of the game and understanding the pay table to know which card combination is a strong hand and places you in a better position. 

Basic Pay Table or Hand Ranking for Video Poker Online

Basic Pay Table or Hand Ranking for Video Poker Online

All hands for video poker classic game types are from the traditional poker hand combination ranking. However, the different video poker variations also have their individual tweaks for the ranking. The winning probabilities are also affected as you wager on other types. 

The table below is based on the hand ranking for Jacks or Better, which is the most common type of video poker online casino operators list. 

RankHand typeCard combinationProbability
9Jacks or BetterMinimum of pair of Jacks or higher.0.214585%
8Two PairDifferent cards placed in two pairs.0.129279%
7Three-of-a-KindThree cards of the same suit and two different cards.0.074449%
6StraightAll five cards are in the same sequence and suit.0.011229%
5FlushAll five cards are of the same suit but differing sequences.0.011015%
4Full HouseThree cards are of the same suit, and the last two are of a different suit.0.011512%
3Four-of-a-KindFour cards have the same suit, and the last is different. 0.002363%
2Straight FlushAll cards are of the same suit.0.000109%
1Royal FlushSpecifically consists of 10-J-Q-K-A in the same suit.0.000025%

RTP and House-Edge Values for Video Poker Game

To protect yourself from being cheated, all licensed video poker online casinos are required to have features installed on their poker machines. These tools transfer all events’ probabilities to a computer algorithm to ensure fairness. 

Playing video poker offers a significantly better experience than most online casino games. Its simple-to-play style and high entertainment aside, the potential cash prize offered here is substantial. However, the house still has its own advantages, referred to as the “house edge”. Therefore, no player is guaranteed a constant win, no matter the value of the RTP. 

The house-edge value is determined using the difference between the payout and probability values. Here, the higher the house edge, the lower the house’s winning chances. 

Here’s an illustration of the value of RTP for video poker and other popular online casino games. 

Online casino gamesRTP
Video poker96.50-101.97%

When it comes to video poker variants, their RTP values also differ. Deuces Wild has the lowest available RTP, and Loose Deuces has the highest. 

Variance or Volatility

Each video poker game type also has a volatility rate or mathematical probability. Generally, the higher your chances of winning high cash prizes, the greater the volatility. This also means the rate of loss could be high, too. 

Hence, pro video poker online casino players prefer to wager on variants with a low volatility value. The wins may be small but will be constant or regular, and you can avoid huge losses in this way. One crucial tip expert video poker game players give is to avoid jackpot video poker if you’re on a budget. All video poker games with a jackpot feature automatically have high volatility values. 

Expert Tips For Playing Video Poker Online

If you’re ready for your first game at the best video poker game venue, there are a few tips you could use to improve your gameplay. They include:

Claim Bonuses and Promotions

If you’re interested in wagering with real money, the casino bonuses can give you a chance to earn more for less. They are offered in the form of free cash or playtime. All winnings here will be refunded to your account instantly. 

Ensure you confirm the wagering requirements attached to the bonus offers. Most online casinos require a real-money deposit first before you can claim their proposals. In addition, the lower the wagering requirement, the better the offer. 

Have a Budget and Good Money Management Techniques

Because video poker games are interesting and engaging, you could spend a long time on the casino’s site. Before you begin playing, it is essential to have a plan in place. This could include  the time you will spend wagering or setting your money budget.

Many video poker casino sites have relevant tools to help track your timing when playing. You can use it to set notifications for when the time expires. Your money budget should also be followed well. Ideally, a wager per round should be 1% of your budget. 

Always Use Logic—not Emotion—When Considering Your Hand Combination

Many video poker players make the mistake of trying to control their combination based on how they feel. Although video poker requires an element of luck, it is important to think things through before making a decision during video poker. 

Use a Working Strategy

Video poker online has numerous strategies because of the variants available. Knowing which cards to hold or discard is important, and a good strategy can assist with this. There are several strategy charts available to help you make a wise decision in video poker. 

When you have found an ideal strategy, study and proceed to test in the free money version. The free money or “demo mode” has the same gameplay as the real-money round, but players can’t withdraw any winnings here. Hence, they don’t need a real-money deposit. You can play as much as you want, mastering the strategies and other tricks. 

Confirm if the Casino is Licensed

Before registering at your chosen online casino, one expert tip to save yourself an unnecessary headache is choosing one with a license. Playing video poker online requires a safe gambling site where your funds are protected and all poker machines are installed with the necessary safety kits. 

The benefits of wagering on approved online casinos are enormous. You can be sure of regular bonuses and promotions for new and regular players, strong security encryption, and excellent customer support. You can be cheated if you play video poker at an unlicensed gambling site.

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