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Life is full of opportunities, and people love taking chances that will get them money. Playing
real money poker is one of those ways to increase your fortune, and with the internet, you can
now play poker online. However, poker is still a way to gamble, and most people and the
government frown upon gambling.
States like New Hampshire (also known as the Granite State), for example, have a love-hate
relationship with online poker. Its gambling industry generates nearly $300 million in revenue
annually. Although the population of New Hampshire (as of 2020) is over 1.3 million, there has
been a 4.2% increase in population since 2010. With an increasing population, more traffic is
expected to drift towards online poker, depending on personal interest.
This review will focus on the history and legality of online poker in New Hampshire. It will also
explore offshore sites you can play real money poker on and the gambling laws of New

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History of New Hampshire Poker

Gambling is a game of chance, and there is no way of knowing when it began. For many
people, life is a gamble, but for New Hampshire, the first trace of recognized gambling is from
1933, when sports betting in the form of “pari-mutuel” horse racing betting became legal.
However, after the charity lottery, bingo raffles became legal in 1949; the next step was the
state-owned New Hampshire lottery established in 1964. Not only is this the third-oldest lottery
in the United States, but it is also the first modern lottery in the United States.
The New Hampshire lottery originally went by New Hampshire Sweepstakes, a name derived
from the results of a horse race and the first tickets sold for the lottery. Before the state lottery
was launched in 1964, a three-member regulatory commission—known as the New Hampshire
Lottery Commission—was sworn in by the state’s governor in 1963.
The team was set up quickly because the state lottery was already proposed about five times in
that decade. However, on the 10th of March, 1964, the legislature held a special election for the
citizens of New Hampshire to vote for or against the state lottery. The sweepstakes ticket went
on sale two days later.

The legislation included different draw types in the lottery games, which have evolved over the
years. Unfortunately, they never got around to accepting poker, even after the New Hampshire
lottery offered online products in 2018.

No. Online casinos and online poker are not legal in New Hampshire, but it is possible to
gamble online to a certain extent. Statistics show that about 50% of New Hampshire’s
population was expecting the expansion of gambling in the state since the Granite State was the
first to legalize wagering on horse racing and lotteries. However, no legislation concerning
online poker regulation has been mentioned since it was briefly addressed by the then Governor
of New Hampshire in 2010.
Government officials of New Hampshire frown upon online poker, and they will not license live
poker rooms. Internet cafes also have their ongoing issues with them. Still, no laws in the
Granite State specifically restrict online poker sites or prevent lovers of online poker in New
Hampshire from playing poker games on an online platform.
The only forms of gambling allowed in the state are sports betting, pari-mutuel racing, and the
state-owned New Hampshire Lottery. These gambling laws are so strict that they even restrict
games like slots in New Hampshire. The Granite State has a specific ban on “gambling
machines’” operating in the state. Hence, there are no legal sites for online poker in New

Gambling Laws in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s definition of gambling, as stated in Section 647-2 of its constitution, defines
gambling as: “To risk something of value upon a future contingent event not under one’s control
or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that something of value will be received in
the event of a certain outcome.”
This definition covers all internet games licensed in New Hampshire. Unlawful gambling or
possession of gambling machines—gambling machines being “Any device or equipment which
is capable of being used to play sweepstakes or games of chance and which discharges
money, or anything that may be exchanged for money”—is a class B felony.

Although online poker or online casinos are not legal in the Granite State, online gambling is not
entirely ignored in New Hampshire. In 2017, legislation was passed to officially legalize
gambling. As stated in Amend RSA 647:2, the constitution legalizes “Gambling done over an
Internet connection on a website on the Internet.”
New Hampshire’s laws also limit players’ wagers, as seen under 287-D:16 of the state’s
Revised Statutes Annotated of 2017, which states: “No single wager by a player, on any game
of chance, shall exceed the amount of $4.” Thus, if poker was to be legal, the wager limit would
be the same.
There is no live room poker allowed in New Hampshire. However, sports betting is completely
legal. The legal age for gambling in the Granite State is 18 or older, but you must be 21 or older
to play poker games and other gambling facilities.
A shocking fact about the age limit for gambling in the Granite State is that, unlike other states,
New Hampshire allows sports betting for those aged 18 or older. Nearly every other state would
require a person to be 21 or older.

Who Regulates Online Poker in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire’s legislature has made little effort to regulate internet gambling in the state.
Moreover, there are no laws in the state constitution directed at online poker since it is not
licensed in New Hampshire. The laws that exist are focused on physical gambling, and
legislators don’t apply general gambling laws to online play.
Sports betting is the only legal gambling activity allowed in the Granite State. It will be no
surprise if the lottery committee regulates other gambling activities in New Hampshire.
Regulating online poker does not fit in here because there is no way to detect when online
poker would be legal in the state.
However, if online poker were to be legalized, it would likely be regulated by the gaming
regulatory oversight authority of New Hampshire. According to New Hampshire laws, the
authority regulates current casinos and other gaming activities.

Offshore Sites for Real Money Poker New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not have regulations or licenses for online poker, so playing it in the state
is illegal. And the state’s legislature has no plan or discussion pending about legalizing it.
However, there are ways poker enthusiasts can enjoy online poker without breaking the law,
such as using social casinos or offshore sites available in New Hampshire. Offshore sites are
poker sites from other states that have legalized online poker.
It is not illegal to play online poker on these sites because their home state licenses them. The
state origin of these sites could be New Hampshire’s neighboring states or they could be far
away. But we will recommend only sites that accept players from the Granite State.

The Legality of Offshore Sites in New Hampshire

Internet gaming is not completely banned in New Hampshire, which means bettors can play
online poker using offshore sites. Although the state frowns upon online casinos and poker, no
law stops New Hampshire-based players from joining offshore poker sites and casinos.
Bettors based in New Hampshire can play real money poker online, but they would have to be
creative with their fund deposit sources. However, if you opt for these sites, you need to note
that your safety is not guaranteed. This is because they are not licensed in New Hampshire and
don’t have any regulatory body monitoring their activities.

How to Play Online Poker in New Hampshire

There are no land-based or live poker rooms in New Hampshire. The only way you can enjoy a
selection of poker games is by playing online on social casinos and offshore sites. Real money
gambling is legal in the Granite State, but the state does not give licenses to online poker sites.
However, some sweepstake sites accept players from New Hampshire who want to play real
money poker, and you can even take part in online poker tournaments. Online poker rules are
basically the same, but you play with premium Sweeps Coins. These can’t be purchased, but
they will be attached to every gold coin package you purchase. Once you accumulate some
earnings, you can convert your winnings into real money.
To play real money poker, you can make deposits to the site using your Visa card or debit card,
and withdrawals are made per your request. The sites we recommend are safe since they are

licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies. These sites offer blinds for New Hampshire players
starting as low as $0.01, but you can enjoy some serious poker action with $0.10 blinds or even
$1/$2 blinds. You’re not excluded if you enjoy high rolling your games; some blinds go as high
as $200.

How to Select the Best Real Money Poker Sites in New Hampshire

Secure operation

The first thing that should come to mind when security operations are involved is the licensing of
the site. Offshore sites must be registered in their home-based states. You can find their
licensing information beneath the home page.
Bettors must ensure that the site has strong security that can protect their personal information.
It should also be strong enough to protect the money of its players because you wouldn’t want
someone to hack your account and withdraw all your winnings.

Payout options

The more payout options available, the better, especially if there are payout options that don’t
involve bank cards. Real money sites often require monetary transactions for deposits or
donations, and you would also need an account to receive your winnings and cash prizes.
It is important to choose sites with the fastest payout option. Some payout options can take as
long as seven to ten days to approve transactions, while there are others with instant credit or
that take less than 48 hours.

Customer service

You need a site that has 24-hour customer service, seven days a week. A problem with your
account or offshore site could occur, so the site must have fast and active customer service.
When clients are ignored, it may affect traffic and the winning potentials of bettors, especially
when there are glitches in operation.

Best Sites for Real Money Poker New Hampshire

Wild Casino

This casino was created in 2017 by poker professionals with over 20 years of experience, and it
is licensed in Panama. Because of its user-friendly features, it has become a favorite for poker
enthusiasts in New Hampshire. The site offers a 250% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 based
on your first deposit to new players.
The casino site has a dark theme and is easy to use by bettors. The sections are well labeled,
and the search tool is a lifesaver. Wild Casino has over 250 games, some of which are from
Betsoft and Nucleus gaming. The live dealer tables are player friendly, with bets as low as $1
and as high as $10k.
Funding your Wild Casino account is very simple. You can make transactions using credit
cards, cryptocurrency, and bank wires. Unlike the 7.5% fee attached to deposits from credit
cards, Bitcoin users have no fees attached to deposits. The payouts from Wild Casino are also
crypto-friendly, with a payout range between $100 to $100,000.
Wild Casino also offers secure banking options that meet the necessary safety requirements to
protect your private information and your funds.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker has the same licensing as Wild Casino, but it has over 491 games, surpassing
its sibling. It has also been around since 2001. However, BetOnline Poker began online poker
services 15 years ago, and that is more years of experience than most sites.
This site is one of the country’s gambling giants, which is why it still has the trust of old and new
players after all these years. Its generous offers are enticing, including its $2500 deposit bonus
and over $150k in monthly prize pools.
BetOnline is mobile-friendly, with apps for Android and iOS users. It is also one of the safest
sites on which to play poker. Its banking options are secure, so you can play knowing that your
money is safe. If you enjoy crypto-gambling sites, you would enjoy playing online poker on
BetOnline. It may be an old site, but BetOnline appears to have evolved.

The site allows deposits using Bitcoin, which can be done by having Bitcoin on your
cryptocurrency exchange, getting a wallet, and logging into the site deposit. This is a plus for
new players who prefer making transactions using cryptocurrency.
Withdrawals are just as easy. It is fast, and the deposits are nearly instant if you use the
cryptocurrency payout method. Other payout methods may take a few days to approve
transactions. The crypto-payout method is also free, unlike other methods that would deduct a

Bovada Poker

You can make real money playing online poker on Bovada Poker. This site has served
American bettors since 2011 and has become a trusted online poker site. It is a very safe site
for legal gamblers based in New Hampshire.
When it comes to making transactions for real money online poker, Bovada is a perfect choice.
It has years of experience processing transactions in strict conditions. This allows it to
understand and make favorable payout options for processing transactions in states that have
not legalized online poker, like New Hampshire.
Not only does it offer a quick bonus payout, the progressive bonus system used by Bovada
Poker means you can withdraw your winnings immediately after playing. Players have several
methods with which to make a deposit or withdraw their cash prizes.
Payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and voucher payments, but
those aren’t the only options. Bovada Poker accepts transactions in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Although your first credit card deposit is free, deposits made with Bitcoin incur no fees at all, and
you can make transactions for as much as $5,000. However, using your credit card will incur a
5.9% fee, and your transaction limit is $1,500.

Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino was established in 2016 and has a more modern look than most online casinos.
It is licensed by a Canadian regulatory body known as Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The
casino features slots, casino table games, and even video poker.

Ignition Casino has a good range of progressive slots and 36 live casino tables. Its variety of live
dealer games and low-bonus wagering draws bettors to the site. The welcome bonus for new
players is 100% of up to $3,000, but the offer increases to $4,500 for players using Bitcoin.
Its software is solid and functional, but the site does not have as many visually attractive traits
as other sites. However, most table games have pocket-friendly betting limits from as little as
$1, going all the way up to $3,000. Ignition Poker does not offer rebuy options for most
tournaments, which helps create a more competitive poker environment.
Like other recommended sites, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have several advantages in online
poker. Ignition players enjoy fast withdrawal pending periods and can use a variety of
cryptocurrencies for transactions with no withdrawal limits. However, the limits on other payment
options—like credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express—vary between $10
to $5,000.
Ignition Casino has a mobile app version for phones and tablets, including Apple devices. But
you will only have access to Zone Poker and cash games, and you can only play one table at a

Frequently Asked Questions About New Hampshire Poker

Although online gambling is legal in New Hampshire, online poker and all online casino games
are illegal in the state.

Can I play real money poker online in New Hampshire?

Yes, you can play real money poker using social casino sites and offshore sites available to
New Hampshire. The Granite State does not license any online casino or poker sites.

What are New Hampshire’s laws on online gambling?

There are no specific laws for online gambling in New Hampshire. However, Section 647 of the
New Hampshire code covers a great deal about this game of chance.

When will New Hampshire legalize online poker?

There has been no recent talk of legalizing online poker in New Hampshire. It is difficult to
speculate as the legislature has no plans to regulate online poker. Although the state was the
first to legalize wagering in the country, it has a sluggish attitude when online casinos are

Does New Hampshire tax gambling wins?

Yes, New Hampshire taxes all gambling wins, but that only applies to licensed gambling
available to the Granite State. Be it sports betting or the state-owned lottery, you would have to
pay tax based on your winnings if you are resident in New Hampshire.

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