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Many years ago, it was common for people to visit land-based casinos in many parts of the US to enjoy poker and many other games. These casinos still exist today. However, with the advent of the internet, things have changed for the better. 

The main difference between playing at a land-based casino and on a website is convenience. One advantage playing at land-based casinos provides is the thrill that comes with the live gaming action. But playing poker online has taken the conversation further from land-based casinos, as has the recent development of mobile poker apps.

Due to their versatility and game variety, mobile games have become popular among iGaming players. They are also easy to engage with as all that is needed is a device and an internet connection. Mobile apps also provide the opportunity to engage in the social side of gaming as players can compete against others from different regions of the world from the comfort of their homes. 

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There are many ways poker players can improve their gaming skills. One is to use a mobile poker application. Mobile applications are the cheapest way to hone your skills as you have little to no restriction on playing different opponents who may be much better than you.

Although players can win real money while playing poker online, most people prefer to use it as a leisure game to spend time with friends and family. This is one of the reasons for the availability of numerous applications on Google PlayStore and App Store for iPhone users. 

Even though mobile gaming isn’t such a new concept, players tend to choose desktop gaming programs. In the face of this, leading companies have proceeded to develop more mobile apps to meet the needs of players and wean them off desktop sites a bit. These companies have innovated things like poker apps for iPhone where players can win real money. 

Now that you know there are apps built for learning and others for real money, let’s look at the best iPhone poker apps and how to play real-money online poker on an iPhone. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will find this article helpful. We’ve also included vital information for those who may also wish to play online poker on other platforms).

Pros and Cons of Playing Poker on Mobile Apps

There are benefits to playing poker on mobile apps, and there are also downsides. Deciding to settle for the best poker app iPhone starts with a balanced perspective of the subject. 



Mobile apps let you enjoy poker games anywhere and at any time you choose. As you travel, while at the coffee shop, or while waiting in a long queue, your poker game is available to you. For instance, if you are in a tournament and you also need to go out with your friends, with mobile apps, you don’t need to choose one for the other as you can enjoy both.

This isn’t always ideal for your poker gameplay, but the option can come in handy. 

With iPhone poker apps, you are also not limited by countries or states. Whether you’re in the US or Europe or wish to try poker apps from anywhere in the world, you are assured of freedom. 

Full Gaming Access

Developers have made lots of improvements to poker apps for iPhone today. In the past mobile apps were often watered-down versions of the desktop versions with just a few games available, but the narrative has changed today. 

Today, you may not be able to tell the difference between the desktop versions of poker games and poker on iPad. They are simply optimized forms of the desktop version that can be played on smaller screens. 

Players can enjoy all their favorite games and be a part of all MTTs on schedule using mobile poker applications. 

Promotions and Exclusive Bonuses

Online poker rooms encourage players to have their mobile apps installed on their devices and use them actively by rewarding them when they spend time engaging in the games on their apps.

Don’t be surprised if you see bonuses only available for mobile players, as this is one of the reasons why they are created. For instance, some online poker rooms give players their first deposit bonus after they install their mobile app. So, players may need to make new deposits with the app and get a bonus like they did when they first signed up with the poker site.

Players who don’t fancy playing online poker on iPhone can still take advantage of this opportunity as they can still get the bonus with no restrictions. When playing on your computer or other devices, you can clear the bonus money already in your account at your own pace and whenever you choose.

Other bonuses may require you to play on the application; however, the bonus will then be an additional value you could choose to obtain or not. This is why the best poker players always prefer mobile apps as it is always a win-win opportunity. 


The need for a stable connection

You may not likely face the issue of network disruptions while at home because your home Wi-Fi connection is usually pretty stable. Remember that you switched to iPhone poker so you can play away from your desktop. So, there are days when you will need to play on the go. In times like these, you may discover the challenge of mobile networks’ instability which could be rather frustrating. In cases like these, it is best not to play cash games as you’ll have less risk of losing cash with such disruptions.

You cannot access all the tools.

A good setup will give you an edge when playing online since you can harness as many tools as you need. This is why many people prefer using a PC, as it is easy to analyze poker hands, have HUD during a game or record a session. 

Mobile software tends to limit the tools available to players, so it is not advisable to employ this platform if you need to take your gaming seriously. One other drawback is the absence of a tracking tool on mobile apps. This means that you will not be able to know your opponents’ tendencies or see your stats – you will ultimately miss some info. This will put you at a disadvantage compared to the others who play on PCs.

It’s difficult to multi-table on a mobile phone.

If you intend to play on one table, it is easy to do so on poker apps. However, multi-tabling can be difficult on these platforms. Most app developers have tried to troubleshoot the issue with more recent upgrades. However, it is still hard to play on the small screen of your mobile phone. 

The difficulty with letting a timeout cause your hand to be folded and missing your turn to act in the game cannot be underemphasized. There is also a chance of tapping on the wrong button accidentally when you switch tables. 

Finally, playing at just one table could be boring, and instincts will be switching from engaging solid ranges pre-flop. This will cost you eventually. It is easy to avoid all these mistakes when you are cautious. However, it is not advisable to play more than one table on your mobile, especially when the stakes are high.

Generally, playing poker on mobile apps looks like a good step after weighing all the merits and demerits. It is a good way to stay entertained but there is a major risk if you desire to stake loads of cash. The good thing is that even when these downsides come around, you still have control over them.

As technology keeps advancing, so will mobile poker games keep on evolving. Things like iPad poker and other iPhone poker apps will soon experience significant evolutions in the coming days.  

How to play mobile poker games

Now that you’ve known the benefits and demerits of playing at the best poker app for iPhone, the next question is, how can you enjoy poker on this platform? The following steps will guarantee a fun experience playing on mobile poker apps.


This is the first and most crucial step to take before playing real-money online poker on an iPhone. Take your time to find out the best iPhone poker apps before staking cash or signing up. The truth is that a site with a good PC interface will likely invest more into making excellent mobile applications. So, having finalized things like license, customer support, game options, security, ease of transaction, etc., check the customer reviews too.

Sign up

The next step is to open a mobile account with your desired operator. If you’re a new user, you may need to fill in details like email, username, password, and more, depending on the app. Some poker apps for iPhone offer welcome bonuses when you sign up even if you already have an account with them on the desktop site.


Although some poker apps for iPad give a no-deposit bonus, you should identify the ones that require you to make an initial deposit before you begin. Use a secure deposit method and begin to play. It is essential to note that most operators want you to engage their mobile applications these days, so they offer bonuses to players who sit longer on the apps. So, watch out for these mobile-only bonuses as you begin.

Select a favorite game and start playing

The beautiful thing about the iPhone poker apps is that there is a wide variety of games available. So, you won’t lack any of the popular games found on desktop sites. Select any game of your choice and harness the tools available on the apps to start playing. 

Is Mobile Poker Gaming Legal in the US?

Is Mobile Poker Gaming Legal in the US?

The US has a rich history of gambling, with different events spanning across the several states of the federation. Many years ago, only land-based casinos were permitted to operate in most states – this became possible after bouts of protests and legal procedures. However, the advent of the internet brought the notion of the casino in your pocket – making it possible to play anywhere.

Today, not all states in the US have legalized online casino gaming, especially poker. There are currently just a few states where players can play poker within their borders. They are New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Some states are still rigid with policies regarding poker games, such as California and Georgia.

However, there are offshore casinos available in these areas, and sweepstake casinos are widespread throughout the US. So, mobile poker is legal in some parts of the US, and you may need to be in certain regions to sign up for the apps. Always search for recommended lists of poker apps to find the best options. 

What Are the Best Poker Apps for iPhone?

In the previous sections, we explained how there are poker apps that are best for honing your skills and leisure rather than for serious play. Regardless of what you need, there is something for everyone with mobile poker apps for iPhone. Let’s talk about a few of the options.


There are many games to try out at PokerStars, especially if you wish to play games that vary slightly from classic poker. This is one of the best iPhone poker apps available. 

Players can play on tablets or phones, climb leaderboards, and earn challenges on the go. 

You need to be 18 years or above to sign up and play at PokerStars. The company behind the mobile app is called Stars Mobile Limited.

World Series of Poker

This is a popular poker series that also includes some of the best mobile games available. The app for the WSOP was designed by EA. It comes in a simple design, offering many free chips and giving players the chance to earn WSOP bracelets and rings. 

Playing and winning on their mobile app may allow you to travel to cities like Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and Atlanta City to play tournaments. The gaming software is quite addictive and encourages social gaming by allowing players to link their Facebook accounts.

Zynga Poker

Players prefer Zynga Poker because of its beautiful gaming software and real table experience. Regular features like traditional Texas hold ’em, poker leagues, multiple poker games, VIP programs, and the World Poker Tour are just the tip of the iceberg. There is also a social component that allows you to interact with players globally. 

You must be at least 21 years old to play on this app.

Poker Heat

If you love fast-paced poker games, try Poker Heat. This smartphone poker app has many league competitions that will test your poker strategies. All players begin at the Newbie Court and proceed to the Promotion Zone where they can engage in 10 leagues for rewards.

The company behind this iOS poker software is Playtika, and you need to be 21 years or older to play this game. 


The shortcoming of most poker apps is the UI. They are often crowded with unnecessary information that players may not use to make judgments. SnapShove, with its simple UI, makes it easy for gamers, providing them with only the needed information for better decision-making.

SnapShove is available as a premium or free subscription and the app also contains some training to improve your hand-eye coordination. 

The premium version costs $14.99. Players of SnapShove Pro also have unlimited access to every poker instruction available. 

Wild Poker

One of the most popular poker apps for iPad and iPhone is Wild Poker. This game provides an interesting spin on Texas hold ’em. You play with animal avatars like dogs, sharks, chimps, and owls. To become a table master, you need to assemble your animal power-ups.  Playtex is the creator of Wild Poker and it is available to players 21 years and above. 

World Poker Club

When you think casual gaming, then think World Club Poker. The app has more than ten million downloads. The reason for its quick rise to acceptance and popularity among players could be because of how much innovation it adopts in its software. 

Rather than using the usual buttons on your device’s screen, you can fold, bet or check by using gestures instead

It is also possible for you to eliminate in-app purchases and ads, and it comes in the simplest poker game design. I

888Poker App

If you are an 888Poker player, you have probably heard of the mobile app for iPhone. One of the advantages of using the 888Poker app is the ease of synchronization across numerous devices regardless of platform.

If you are also seeking to make some real money as an entry or intermediate player, this app will be a haven for you due to its low competitiveness.

This app prioritizes security, and abides by the eCOGRA safety protocols. 

If you face any challenges while using 888Poker, you can easily reach customer support 24/7. You don’t have to wait for long as your query is received and settled right away. If you wish to develop your poker bankroll, keep this app at hand.

PartyPoker App

One of the first poker apps available around the world is the PartyPoker App; they are a well-known brand and have made a couple of achievements over the years. One such achievement was that they were the first to release an app for iOS and Android

Players who sign up on the app get amazing bonuses, available immediately. The reward and loyalty programs have made the app even more appealing to fans. 

The app has one of the largest poker player pools. 

Furthermore, every action is encrypted on their site, so security isn’t a problem. It’s also easy to deposit and withdraw money. 


Is there such a thing as iPad poker?

Poker software that runs on iPhone also works on iPad. It is surprising to note that most poker sites on iOS work better on iPad than they do on iPhone due to superior specs and screen real estate on a few models. So, yes, you can play online poker on an iPad and get the best experience possible.

What is the best iPhone poker app?

There isn’t a specific app to recommend at the top of the list as there are regular upgrades made by the operators of these platforms. We cannot also isolate a single app and declare it to be the best poker game for iPad. However, you can rest assured that this list of mobile apps is guaranteed to give you the best experience on your iOS device.

Is it possible to win real money by playing iPhone poker?

Yes. However, this depends on whether or not real-money online poker is legal in your region. Remember that poker is a game of skill, and winning requires a blend of luck and skill. So, the best way to begin is to hone your skills by playing on the poker iPhone apps designed for learning and leisure. So, when you play at real tournaments, it won’t be a disaster.

Do I need to spend money to play iPhone poker?

No. Popular sites offer free online poker on iPad. Operators have installed these features to give players quality hands-on experience and training before they begin playing for real money. Credible poker sites also provide micro-stakes segments where all you will risk are pennies. 

How do I play poker on my iPad or iPhone?

It is easy to sign up and play on your mobile device, and you need no special tech skills. Some of the best iPad poker apps may redirect you to their website to complete your registration and then send you back to the app when you finish. On some other poker iPhone apps, you might even be allowed to partake in games without signing up. You can use the same login details as that of your online poker account to sign up on your iPhone or iPad, and you can start playing in only a few minutes.

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