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Best Real-money Poker Apps

Many pro gamblers will agree that there are very few games like poker. Moreover, not many games have such a robust history when compared to poker. The game can easily be described as a point where skill, luck, strategy, and culture meet. 

Poker is one of the oldest and most popular casino games. As such, it is understandable that there are controversies about its origin. While some sources claim that poker originated from China, others say it began with French settlers. There is yet another source that claims that poker began in America (Texas). Nevertheless, despite the confusion as to the origin of the game, poker lovers the world over can agree on the game’s appeal.

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This is why, with the advent of modern technology, poker fans have missed no opportunity to launch the game all over the globe. As a result, many online poker sites and poker apps sprang up. Some of these apps are legit, and others are fraudulent. It was like the Wild West! The events of April 2011, or Black Friday, brought things to a head.

Usually when Black Friday is mentioned, people think of shopping fanatics wrestling for discounted TVs. But, Black Friday has a different implication for the gambling world, specifically referring to April 15, 2011. On that date, the USA filed a criminal case against three of the largest online poker companies operating within their borders. This action sent shockwaves through the gambling industry in the US. 

When the dust settled, some scars had been inflicted on the US gambling market. Site owners, customers, and everyone in-between knew they had to be more careful of abiding by the laws. Poker appreciation did not diminish significantly in the state, but some things did change. There are now more poker apps and sites seeking to operate lawfully. This is not to say that all these platforms are now born-again – as expected, there are still a few shady operators. 

We have taken the liberty to conduct thorough research on the subject. Here are the suggestions from our retinue of trusted professionals. Work with these, and you can be sure of the best poker gaming experience. 

What Are Real-money Poker Apps?

Considering our busy lives, it is difficult for many gaming fans to indulge in live poker. The hustle and bustle of daily life prevents lots of people from visiting their favorite casino houses. This is why online poker apps have become a big thing in the gaming industry. 

These applications are miniature versions of online poker sites, playable on smartphones, tablets and the like. With these apps, you can play your favorite poker games on the go. These apps are easy to operate and provide an intense gaming experience similar to or even better than the live game. If you choose an excellent app you’ll have access to hundreds of online poker tournaments and cash games on your mobile device. 

Unlike the free poker apps, real-money apps allow you to wager cash for monetary rewards. You are not just playing the games for fun, but for cash! 

How To Find the Best Real Money Poker App

When selecting a mobile poker app, it can be very daunting to pick one out of the many options available. There are just so many to choose from. With this list, we hope to simplify the job. Here are some factors to check for.

1. Look out for the software and graphics

One of the key things to consider when choosing a poker app is the responsiveness and efficiency of the software. It’s great for a poker app to have eye-catching visuals, but it will all be for nothing if the player is dissatisfied with gaming on the app. Since your goal is not to play a video game, prioritize the quality of the software interface over flashy visuals. Excellent poker software has a simple table layout, easily accessible games, and a friendly user interface.

2. Rake and fees

It helps to consider the rake when selecting from real-money poker apps. In the same way that live poker rooms have to bear the administrative cost of running the casino, online casinos also have bills to offset. The rakes from your winnings are how these bills are taken care of. We understand that the internet is expensive and creating and maintaining a poker gaming platform costs a lot. However, you intend to play on the app so that you can win and keep what you earn. Opt for an app that takes a lower percentage of your win as a rake.

3. Legality

It is very frustrating when an illegal app operator tries to scam you out of your winnings. You might find yourself in a position where the app claims to have credited your bank, but no money shows up in your account. Unlike offshore and unregulated apps, legal poker apps guarantee your funds are safe and secure. These legal apps use SSL and encryption technology to ensure any transaction performed on the platform is trustworthy.

4. Game options

Different apps offer different game options, and while you might find common games like Omaha poker and Texas hold ’em in many apps, if you love specific variations of the games, choose a site that offers those specifics. For example, short decks, jackpot sit-and-go’s, stud, and draw games cannot be found in all poker applications. Look for a poker app that provides these options for players.

5. Welcome bonus

A good number of poker apps dole out fantastic welcome bonuses to attract new players. The huge bonus numbers might sound attractive, but they are not always to be trusted. A deposit bonus has to provide you with real benefits. For example, a 200% bonus is fine even if the maximum sum is $500. This is better than a 10% deposit bonus on a deposit of up to $5000. Always read the small print and think hard about whether the bonuses are of real value.

6. Payment options

The payment options available to gamers on a particular poker app can help you decide whether to use it. A great app will offer several deposit and withdrawal options with minimal fees. All the T&Cs should be laid bare for you. The deposit and withdrawal channels should also be fast and secure.

7. High player traffic volume

Unlike other casino games such as slots, online poker apps rely on a plentiful supply of available gamers to play against. Thus, if you want a rich poker gaming experience, choose an app that can consistently provide player traffic. The more players there are at any particular time, the better the app. 

What Are the Top Real-money Poker Apps for Android?

Globally, Android is the most popular smartphone OS So it is not unusual to find that some app creators focus on designing poker software for Android users. Let’s look at some of the best online poker apps for Android.

1. Partypoker

This app is a great choice for any poker-loving Android user. The developers have worked tirelessly to make it top-notch. The app has a novel portrait layout where gamers can play using just one hand; there is also a new game lobby housing numerous games. The hand replayer can help improve your poker strategy, and there is the in-game diamond currency and even an interactive chat feature.

2. Unibet 

Unibet is one of the most famous poker sites globally, and its app not only offers free-money games but also real-money games. Most pro poker gamers agree that Unibet is a great option for beginners. While this might be the case, Unibet still offers some juicy packages to everyone. For instance, there are over 100 avatars to select from, numerous cash games, sit-and-go,  MTT tournaments, and daily promotions.

3. 888 

The 888 android poker app is a great choice for any poker player searching for entertainment. Even if you are an expert poker player, this app still has some features that can sweep you off your feet. The app’s functionality is on another level. The app possesses an e-cashier, a bet slider, a quick seat, and preset avatar options.

Gamers can chat with other poker players and utilize the lobbying initiative to navigate easily. The actions button is also very visible to minimize errors. As a result, you can experience rich gaming on the 888 app.

4. GGpoker 

The GG poker app for Android has a functional and captivating new layout. Not only is the app very simple to operate because of its design, but it also allows gamers to share their wins on social media. Besides the famous Texas hold ’em and Omaha, there are other tasty poker games available. Furthermore, the presence of a special “swiping” feature enables stress-free multi-tabling in both landscape and portrait modes. 

There are freerolls, bounty hunters, real-money online poker tournaments, high-roller tournaments, Sunday majors, cash games, and more. Sign-up is straightforward, the deposit process is safe and easy, the app is fully licensed and regulated, and there are many gaming options; what more could you ask for?

5. PokerStars

Pokerstars is the go-to choice for an excellent gaming-on-the-go experience. This is because the app possesses several groundbreaking features that have propelled it to the fore. Many pro gamers rate this app highly. 

There are free and real-money poker options, a mobile cashier that can coordinate your bankroll and take deposits. There are tournaments to meet the needs of every class of players, and functions include multi-tabling, chat, poker tutorials, quick setting, choice of languages, and secure deposit. If you are very adventurous, you might wish to use the multi-tabling mode to play up to four poker games simultaneously. 

You can place preset wagers, chat with other players, use customized avatars, easily switch to and from the computer when needed, and play sports betting or even video poker if you like.

Top Poker Apps for IOS

Top Poker Apps for IOS

iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the US. There are over 113 million iPhone users in the US and over a billion users globally. Therefore, it is only reasonable that some poker apps are designed to suit iPhone software. As a result, major online poker sites have developed streamlined, cutting-edge apps that can rival any desktop poker experience.

Here are some of the most advanced iOS poker apps;

1. GGPoker 

This app can easily be accessed via the Apple store. This iOS poker application provides all the varieties of the Android version and incorporates additional features like multi-tabling, staking, and several interactive avatars. GGPoker is one of the official sponsors of the World Series of Poker, and by playing poker on this app, you can be sure of a guaranteed seat to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event. In addition, GG poker is a great place to play against professional players like Daniel “KidPoker” Negreanu and Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier if you want to establish your pro poker status.

2. PokerStars

Pokerstars iOS app can also be found in the Apple app store and runs on iOS 11 or later. The PokerStars iPhone app provides all the functionality that the PokerStars Android app boasts. The PokerStars app on iPhone differs from that found on iPad in the number of tables you can play on. Gamers can play four tables on the iPhone and five on an iPad. In addition, you can play for real money on this app and earn personalized reward points. 

3. PartyPoker

Among all the poker apps for real money, the gaming PartyPoker app is the only one that has included diamonds as virtual currency. In-game diamonds can be earned and spent on fun side activities at the tables. There are multi-table tournaments where over $6 million can be won weekly. Using this app, you can compete and qualify for the World Poker Tour, partypoker MILLIONS, or even WSOP circuit events. 

In many ways, the iOS app is as fantastic as its Android counterpart. There are hundreds of Texas hold ’em table games, freerolls, and spins. A recent upgrade to the software included a new “King of the Hill” feature to create even more action at the cash tables.

4. WSOP 

The WSOP app is one of the most popular poker apps. The app is available from the Apple store and can be downloaded and installed easily. This app has been said to be based on the 888poker software, and that is why the features found on both apps appear very similar. Finding a game is as easy as signing up on the app. It is very easy to find scheduled tournaments, cash games, sit-and-go’s and so on.

The app has a great atmosphere, and the lobby features are on point. In addition, by leveraging its shared liquidity, the World Series of Poker App can offer broader player traffic, payouts, and player rewards.

Real-money Video Poker Apps

Today, the gaming world is evolving very rapidly, and as much as you love the good ol’ video poker machines, you cannot afford to get left behind in this evolutionary move. So real money video poker apps are the next big thing. 

Granted, they might not provide the same intimidating experience as sitting face-to-face with a machine alongside other players, but they are still very intense. In addition, technology has moved the video poker experience from poker machines and video poker sites to streamlined apps. Now, with these video poker apps, you can play your favorite video poker variants, win massively, and prove your expertise much more easily. 

Very few gaming apps provide the same opportunities as video poker apps, so seize the opportunity to better your video poker skills with our pick of the best video poker gaming apps. 

1. JackpotCity

Unlike many other video poker apps, JackpotCity is registered and licensed. On this app, gamers can find 24/7 customer support, and over 500 different casino games. Transaction channels found in this app are also very secure. 

2. Las Atlantis Video Poker 

Las Atlantis is one of the best video poker apps out there. It not only provides a generous array of bonuses but also offers players several secure banking options. It is also renowned for not charging banking fees when you transact on the platform. 

3. BetUS 

There are nine variants of video poker on the BetUS app. BetsUS is famous for providing video poker games, but there is more to the App than this singular portfolio. The app can be used for real-money games on Android and iOS. It is very easy to navigate. On BetUS, players will discover a good deal of bonuses and promotions. You can even play a game for as little as $0.25 or up to $10 per hand. 

4. Vegas Casino Online 

The app is easy to use and comes with fourteen game variants. Above all else, the customer reviews for this app are very encouraging. Also, considering that the App has been operational since 1999, it is one of the most secure and trustworthy video poker apps in the market today.


It is almost impossible to name one app as the best poker app. This is because the variables are always changing, and more operators are doing all they can to improve their software, ease of play, player pool, game variety, tournaments, and rewards. As a result, one app might be better than another in certain areas but lack other important features. So, it is best to choose the app that appeals the most to your needs and requirements.


  • Can I use the multi-table on a poker app?

Certainly, you can! Depending on whether you use an iPad or another device with a smaller screen, you can play up to four or five tables.

  •  Can I access the same games and tournaments on every poker app?

Well, it depends. For the most part, certain features and events are not accessible on specific poker apps. Each app has a different choice of games and tournaments So one app might not have all your favorite varieties, but you can still be sure you’ll have a remarkable gaming experience.

  • How much data does a poker app require?

Generally, poker apps do not use up much data. Gamers might not even use up to 10 MB daily when using their mobile data. But, of course, this would depend on the player’s gaming habits.

  • What is the best mobile poker app?

Selecting the best poker app is not an easy task. Several factors are at play in making an app the best. Moreover, one app cannot singlehandedly meet all these criteria. So instead, go through the list we already mentioned and choose the app that suits you the most.

  • Is PokerStars illegal in the US?

As we already mentioned in the article, PokerStars is one of the best poker apps. It is legal in many states of the US. However, different states have rules on what is legal and what isn’t; it is important to keep this in mind before downloading any poker app.

  • Real money vs. free poker apps—is there a difference?

In real-money games, players wager money when they play so that they can earn cash rewards from the games. Games played without wagering cash are free games.

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