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There has been a massive revolution in the online casino industry in the last decade with the advent of Bitcoin, and there is no turning back. The current trend in the world of casinos is the Bitcoin Cash casino, also called BCH casinos. The best Bitcoin cash casinos offer a fantastic gambling experience, enhanced by their fair and anonymous gambling environment and instant payouts.

Bitcoin Cash, used by these casinos, is a cryptocurrency with its own unique blockchain infrastructure with a size of 8MB (higher than Bitcoin). Its advantage over Bitcoin is its larger block size,  which guarantees faster transaction validations.

Bitcoin Cash Casinos

Bitcoin Cash is one of the most widely accepted and well-known cryptocurrencies globally. It was designed in 2013 following the establishment of the Bitcoin fork. This crypto asset was created to allow more transactions in a single block, ultimately reducing transaction time and fees. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash share similar technical features and a maximum supply of 21 million.

Platforms that accept Bitcoin Cash for withdrawals and deposits are called Bitcoin Cash casinos. What makes them popular among many gamblers is their security and efficiency – great reasons to investigate BCH casinos today.

How Do Bitcoin Cash Casinos Work?

BCH Casinos operate like standard gaming platforms, and you must complete some steps before you can explore these sites. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to any of the Bitcoin Cash casino sites on our recommended list
  2. Complete the KYC process and registration
  3. Log into your newly created account
  4. Purchase Bitcoin Cash and make your first deposit on the platform
  5. Start gambling!

There are a few things you should also note before you proceed:

  • Remember that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and you can easily make massive profits or losses.
  • Most cryptocurrency transactions are irretrievable; always double-check before confirmation.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies vary for each BCH site. So, do your research before settling on one.


Reasons Why You Should Try Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

Many players who wish to switch to BCH on casino sites are curious about what they should expect or if it’s worth it in the first place. It’s understandable to feel this way, as the crypto space is a mysterious terrain – even though it is patronized by millions globally.

Many people who begin playing on BCH casino sites lose interest in fiat money websites. Let’s explore why.

Fiat Depreciates Annually

Fiat money is the government-issued money that we’re all used to, such as the US Dollar or the Euro. Many factors determine the value of fiat money, from economic demand to money supply and interest rates.

Inflation is one of the risks of using fiat currencies. With inflation, the currency loses its purchasing power over time. This does not currently hold true for cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Have the Potential to Rise in Value

Bitcoin Cash, like other cryptocurrencies, is volatile and regularly fluctuates in value. However, its growth potential is immense. The cryptocurrency market, on different occasions, has been valued in trillions of dollars – and this is only the beginning.

Forbes declares that the world’s combined wealth is $400 trillion, which means there’s plenty of room for the value of Bitcoin Cash to swell. Trying a BTH casino is a great way to get in on the action.


Transacting on casino sites can be a real challenge for many people – it’s not as straightforward as doing a bank transfer or using a credit or debit card. Banks and other financial institutions will deny you access to certain benefits, like mortgages and loans if your bank statement shows that you have transacted at an online casino site.

However, Bitcoin Cash changes the game since it keeps transactions anonymous..

Financial Freedom

Using BCH at Bitcoin Cash casino sites puts all the power in your hands as well as protecting you from the heat of inflation.

Crypto is Here to Stay

For a long time, Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency worthy of mention. However, times have changed, and today, many other digital assets have proven to be worth their salt and are widely accepted.

The mainstream value of crypto assets means that they can be utilized for many things other than online gambling.

Many countries are buying into the idea of using cryptocurrencies; however, they are not yet licensed to be used as legal tender in most places. El Salvador set the pace in 2021 by officially making Bitcoin a legal tender. Since then, Bitcoin Cash casino sites have gained popularity in the market. Hopes are high that soon, other nations will follow suit; top on the list are Panama and Paraguay.

Cryptocurrency Shield

Registering and making deposits and withdrawals is easy with Bitcoin Cash. This is very different when you try to use fiat at casino sites.

There was turbulence in 2020 following a policy made in Britain. After some people made their first deposits at casino sites, banks froze their accounts. Banks stated that they would take legal action against these customers who tried to continue making deposits at casino sites. These banks took a while before unfreezing the affected accounts.

Using Casino Bitcoin Cash in the best Bitcoin Cash casino shields you from any such hassle.

Rapid Payouts

The pain of waiting for your payout to go through is almost inevitable at conventional online casinos. This is due to the bureaucracy of the banking system.

Gamblers at Bitcoin Cash casino sites don’t have to worry about payout issues since only a few regulations bind them.

There are little to no bureaucratic stumbling blocks; meaning much faster transactions for customers.

No Geo-restriction Issues

Gambling is prohibited in many countries, so it’s not easy to play at conventional casinos if you live in such locations.

Payers can avoid these restrictions when they sign up with a Bitcoin Cash casino using a high-quality VPN. It becomes easy to enjoy and gamble safely at many anonymous casinos in a highly secure environment.

Due to the anonymous nature of blockchain technology, using BCH at the best Bitcoin Cash casinos also confers tangible protection. This combination will help you play at your favorite casinos regardless of your country’s laws.

Some BCH casino sites accept customers from other countries, where playing with fiat currency is illegal. Most of these sites are shady and unreliable though. They could easily withhold your money and ban you without giving any remuneration.

It is important to note that this review does not seek to promote illegal gambling activity. If you get caught in your country doing something illegal, you will face consequences! 

Best BCH Online Casinos

If you are looking for a BCH casino to start out on, here are some of the options we recommend:

  • Betway Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • casino
  • 7Bit Casino
  • K8 Casino
  • Cloudbet Casino

Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing a Bitcoin Cash Casino

Ensure you’ve gotten answers to pertinent questions before signing up at a BCH Online Casino. Some of these questions are:

To date, gambling activities are illegal in many countries.

Most reputable casinos that transact with BCH only support users from nations where gambling is legal. You won’t be allowed to play at these sites if your country considers gambling illegal.

On the other hand, shady BCH Casino sites will stop at nothing to take your money. The trick they pull is to not ask for location verification until after a deposit has been made. Then, they’ll notify you of the need to verify, shut down your account, and confiscate your funds.

A legitimate BCH casino will refund your money if they discover you’re from a country where online gambling is prohibited.


No matter the number of games or juicy offers a Bitcoin Cash casino offers, you should not waste time on them if they don’t have a reliable payment system in place.. Always look into the variety of cryptocurrencies you can use, with the withdrawal limits and speed.

Fast Withdrawals

Transactions with BCH are usually lightning-fast compared to other digital currencies. Bitcoin Cash casinos are aware of the market demands, understand the importance of speed, and give instantaneous withdrawals.

Withdrawal Limits

Casino sites tend to fix their fiat withdrawal limits at about $10,000/week. If you land a big win, you’ll be frustrated when you discover that you will need weeks to months to withdraw all your funds.

The best Bitcoin Cash casinos have proffered a solution to this by permitting withdrawals of large sums of  crypto in one go. So, after winning big, you can get your funds in seconds.

Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Every day, more cryptocurrencies come online. However, only a few are worthy of note. So don’t expect to see every memecoin listed at BCH Casino sites. Only the most reliable and common cryptos, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, will be available for use.  

Available Bonuses

It is common for casinos to offer mouth-watering bonuses and offers to reward members and encourage new sign-ups. Common bonuses include:

Welcome Bonuses

Not every Bitcoin Cash casino provides welcome bonuses, but most do. While playing with Bitcoin Cash at a BCH casino for the first time, you will likely get a bonus that seems too good to be true.

For instance, playing at an online casino that offers a $300 bonus may seem like a big deal – until you read the terms and conditions. These might require you to make a certain number of wins or earn a certain amount to redeem your winning.

Generally, welcome bonuses at the best Bitcoin Cash casinos have many restrictions. This makes welcome bonuses inferior to the VIP and Loyalty programs offered by these casinos.

VIP Programs

These programs aim to attract and encourage big-time spenders at casino sites. Offline casinos offer mouth-watering bonuses like dinners, accommodation, and a special seat at major sports games.

Bitcoin Cash casinos cannot match these offers, but they can give rewards to big spenders. The quality of these rewards separates the best Bitcoin Cash casinos from the rest. The best VIP bonuses use a point system, where players get redeemable points.

Note that most BCH casino sites do not excel in the area of VIP bonuses. It is best to research their packages to find out if they are worth your attention.

Free Spins

There are a variety of free spin bonuses offered at BCH casino sites. Generally, you get credits to play bonus slot games at these casinos. Customers get these free spins when they register with the platform.

No-Deposit Bonuses

It’s common for Bitcoin Cash casinos to provide no-deposit bonuses. You don’t need to make an initial deposit to get these bonus offers. They often come in the form of free spins and have lots of restrictions attached.

Reload Bonuses

Regular players get to enjoy reload bonuses. A reload bonus is similar to a match bonus. The difference is that reload bonuses and free spins don’t go beyond 50% of the amount deposited.

Customer Service

Always check the reviews on each BCH casino site to know what customers say about customer support. Playing interesting casino games is not enough. If you run into a technical issue, you’ll need the help of a professional customer support agent.

Variety of Games

The appeal of BCH casino sites won’t last long if they do not offer a variety of games.

Classic casino games you’ll find at the best BCH casino sites include:

Newer games offered at BCH casino sites include:

  •  HiLo
  • Aviator
  • Limbo
  • Crash
  • Dice
  • Mines
  • Pinko.

Always check the rules out before playing!

Should You Focus on Promotions?

The quality a site offers is measured by many parameters beyond the promotions they offer. Anyone can make big promises but if they offer poor service it’s going to affect your gambling experience. It is to be noted that a sign of a shady site is in the never-ending provision of outrageous bonuses.

Traditional casino sites do not work by attracting customers through ridiculous promotions. They prefer to stay with the old school, tested, and trusted bonuses with terms and conditions. A good Bitcoin Cash casino is similar to these traditional casinos in terms of reliability.

Pros and Cons of Using BCH at Online Casinos

Using BCH can be challenging at first, and it might be helpful to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Bitcoin Cash at these casinos.


  • Scalability

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Cash could be more scalable because of its block size. The effect of increased scalability is more efficiency and an increased volume of transactions processed concurrently, meaning lower fees for customers.

  • Decentralization

There is no interference or control by banks. All the power is in your hands.

  • Quick transactions

Every second, there are over 1000 transfers with Bitcoin Cash; this reveals its capacity and growth potential. However, there is room for major improvement, as many other major cryptocurrencies are working out cutting-edge strategies to dominate the competitive market.


  • Branding challenges

Bitcoin Cash has had several issues since the fork from Bitcoin and has struggled to differentiate itself among cryptocurrencies. It is hard to make a distinction from Bitcoin as they have similar names.

  • Reduced security

BCH isn’t as secure as Bitcoin. It requires less mining power to verify new bocks, owing to the smaller cost of processing more transactions.

  • Low adoption

BCH isn’t globally accepted yet. This might create a major problem for networks since the success of cryptocurrency networks depends on usability.

Terms and Conditions of BCH Casino Bonuses

It is fun to play at BCH casino sites; however, many terms and conditions are attached. Pay attention to the expiry dates, wagering requirements, house edge percentage, etc., before you accept offers at the casino. Here are the most important terms and conditions to watch out for:

Wagering Requirements

This is the condition you must meet before claiming the bonus amount in cash. BCH casino sites often set wagering requirements on free spins and welcome bonuses to prevent new players from withdrawing the bonus amount as soon as they register.

Wagering requirements are usually in multiples of the bonus – for example, the player must wager 10x the bonus amount. The best Bitcoin Cash casinos offer free spins and bonuses and adopt a nominal wagering requirement system. It is advisable to claim the offer if the wagering condition is high and the playthrough conditions on free spins or bonuses are more than 4x-5x.

Expiry Date

Every bonus has an expiry date. Players must claim their bonus offers and play through the amount before its expiration. BCH casinos offer bonuses with a one-month activity period – offering sufficient time to play through and give customers two months to claim the bonus at their own pace.

Deposits and Withdrawals: How to Start Out at BCH Online Casinos

You need to have some coins in your cryptocurrency wallet before you can make any deposit at a BCH casino. To make simple transfers, you need to connect your account to your preferred casino.

Making Deposits at Bitcoin Cash Casino Sites

  1. Purchase Bitcoin Cash through your exchange and log into your BCH casino account.
  2. Proceed to the cashier section on the site and select BCH from the options.
  3. Choose the sum you wish to deposit.
  4. Procure the address of the crypto wallet, paste the wallet address, and transfer funds to the BCH casino.
  5. Select the games you wish to play and begin!

Making Withdrawals

  1. Proceed to the cashier section and select BCH from the options.
  2. Tender a withdrawal request.
  3. Move the amount to your crypto wallet.
  4. Convert the amount into fiat if you choose to use traditional payment methods.

Where Can You Buy BCH for Gambling?

You need to have some cryptocurrency to make deposits at BCH casinos. You can purchase Bitcoin Cash at popular exchanges and make sure you enjoy consistent gaming sessions. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Register with an exchange, then transfer your fiat money using a debit/credit card or bank.
  2. Select Bitcoin Cash and select the amount you want to purchase.
  3. Transfer your BCH coins to your crypto wallet.
  4. Return your funds to a specified wallet or transfer them to the preferred casino.


This guide has shown you how to play at a Bitcoin Cash casino. Bitcoin Cash is widely accepted and a good way to get BCH assets. BCH is fast becoming popular and accepted among casino lovers because of its ease and speed of use.

There are many available BCH casino sites and more are popping up all the time. However, they are not all of the same standard and adequate information is needed before you sign up.

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